International Day of Women and Girls in Science

International Day of Women and Girls in Science: Who are the top speakers to hire in 2024

International Day of Women and Girls in Science is an annual celebration which takes place on the 11th of February. A significant awareness day, it allows us to honour the achievements of many women and girls in science. With current research suggesting that women continue to only make up 28% of the workplace in STEM roles, it remains crucial that we support and inspire women to take the leap into science.

Here at the Sustainability Speakers Agency, we have selected our top International Day of Women and Girls in Science speakers to hire for events in 2024.

What is the 2024 International Day of Women and Girls in Science theme?

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2024 theme is:

Innovate. Demonstrate. Elevate. Advance.
I.D.E.A. : Bringing communities forward for sustainable and equitable development.

How can you observe the International Day of Women and Girls in Science?

There are many ways that the International Day of Women and Girls in Science can be observed throughout the community. Here are a few suggestions on how we recommend you commemorate this important event:

1. Learn about the contributions women have made to the STEM sectors

Many women have become trailblazers in the world of science. On the 11th of February, it may be beneficial to conduct some research into these inspirational women or hire one of our talented speakers who have empowered thousands of professionals across the UK.

2. Encourage peers and colleagues to focus on their passions

It can be difficult for women to take the leap into STEM industries on their own. Too often, women veer away from their passions, but this needs to be changed. Encourage your peers and colleagues to enter the road less travelled and help them start their journey into STEM.

If you are looking to educate yourself on the topic of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, see our selection of International Day of Women and Girls in Science speakers here:

Melissa Sterry

World-renowned design scientist, bio-futurist, and system theorist, Melissa Sterry is best known as the Founder of Bioratorium, Bionic City, and Panarchic Codex. Working on cutting-edge projects, Melissa advises some of the most prominent individuals and organisations worldwide. As a 40 over 40 Women to Watch honouree, her illustrious career has been recognised greatly throughout the community and has allowed her to speak at events for high-profile clients such as Unilever, Toyota, the Ministry of Defence, and the University of Oxford amongst others.

Emily Penn

Emily Penn is a renowned ocean advocate, skipper, and artist, best known for becoming the Co-Founding Director of eXXpedition. An expert in her field, Emily is also passionate in her roles as a Sky Ocean Ambassador and a Trustee of the Nekton Foundation. Pushing the importance of taking care of the world we live in; she was awarded a BEM by the Queen in the 2021 New Year’s Honours in recognition of her dedication to the environment. Having delivered four profound TEDx Talks, Emily is an experienced speaker and focuses on a variety of sustainability topics.

Dr. Sally Uren

Environmental activist, Dr. Sally Uren is passionate about tackling environmental issues and aims to accelerate the development of a more sustainable future. As the current CEO of Forum of the Future, she advises key global organisations, foundations, and stakeholders on how to increase their sustainability in the workplace. A leading authority in the industry, Sally was appointed an OBE at the 2017 New Year’s Honours, commending her services to sustainability. Having gained vast amounts of valuable knowledge and experience throughout her career, she focuses on topics such as system change and mainstreaming sustainability when hired for events.

Dr. Jane Goodall

A foremost expert on chimpanzees, Jane Goodall has dedicated 60 years of her career to researching chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Best known for her study at Gombe National Park, she has made numerous discoveries about the relationship between man and animal. Having gained a global reputation for her research, Jane has become the Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute which supports research at the Gombe National Park. In recognition of her remarkable achievements, she was named Dame Commander in 2004 and was later listed amongst the 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Ayo Sokale

Ayo Sokale is a remarkable Chartered Civil Engineer, best known for becoming a proud advocate for STEM careers. Currently fulfilling the role of Project Manager and BIM Lead for the Environment Agency, Ayo has developed an incredibly successful career in the industry and has been nominated for the Top 50 Women in Engineering Under 35 by The Telegraph. Commended for her interests in environmental sustainability, Ayo has become the Co-Founder of Plastic Free Cavendish which allows her to speak openly about the importance of a sustainable future.

Dr. Tara Shine

Dr. Tara Shine is a leading environmental scientist, best known for becoming the Co-Founding Director of Change by Degrees. On a mission to create convenient sustainability, her illustrious career has been devoted to educating the younger generation on the need for change as both a lecturer and keynote speaker. Keen to share her knowledge with others, Tara is a proud member of the Board of Trustees for the International Institute for Environment and Development. With over two decades worth of experience, Dr. Tara Shine is the ideal speaker for a variety of events.

Lesley Mitchell

Lesley Mitchell is a renowned figure within the sustainability industry. Currently working as the Associate Director of Sustainable Nutrition for Forum for the Future, Lesley has worked with numerous high-profile clients to implement positive change towards a more sustainable future. With a successful career in sustainability to her name, she has also become the proud Co-Creator of the Good Egg Awards, a nomination that champions organisations who are committed to farm animal welfare. A keen advocate, Lesley is now looking to share her expert knowledge at events across the UK.

Christina Lampert

Christina Lampert is a highly respected sustainability professional, best known for driving sustainability within businesses as an advisor and keynote speaker. Now working as the Director of Growth & Innovation for HowGood, she has devoted her career towards the world of ingredient and product sustainability, allowing companies to source products that are regenerative. Having recently been awarded the Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability Senior Award from St Josephs University, Christina has become a highly sought-after speaker to focus on a variety of environmental topics.

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