Christina Lampert

Founder & Editor of the Sustennial Network, Director of Growth & Innovation for HowGood & Earth Institute Sustainability Management Fellow of The Earth Institute

  • Former Enterprise Account Executive of Wiser Solutions Inc
  • Former Regional Sales Director & SMB Sales and Partnerships Associate for Crownpeak
  • Former Advertising Operations Intern for Hulu
  • Recipient of the Leadership, Ethics and Organizational Sustainability Senior Award

When Christina Lampert is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Sustainability Marketing Strategies
The Intersection of Sustainability & Purchase Intent
Scope 3 Emissions
Ingredient & Raw Material Sustainability
Consumer Insights on the Sustainable Millennial
Sustainable Sourcing

Christina Lampert is a leading sustainability professional, driving sustainability within businesses as a keynote speaker. Currently working as the Director of Growth & Innovation for HowGood, Christina is a driving force within the world of ingredient and product sustainability, enabling companies to source and generate products that are regenerative. Leveraging circular design, Christina also creates marketing strategies for businesses looking to be more sustainable. When looking for a passionate sustainability speaker, book Christina today for an informed speech on everything from sustainable marketing strategies to sustainable sourcing and consumer insights on sustainability.

Christina’s first major role in sustainability saw her working as an Enterprise Account Executive for Wiser Solutions Inc, conducting a variety of surveys and research into sustainability and shopper insights. Working here for a year, Christina then became a Sustainability Marketing Consultant for GUNAS Handbags, developing a marketing strategy. In 2020, Christina returned to university, securing a Master of Science in Sustainability Management from Columbia University. Christina is also famed as the founder and Editor of the Sustennial Network, an online initiative that celebrates the sustainable millennial lifestyle and sustainable businesses of the future. Curating news on sustainable business, Christina is propelling sustainability to the forefront of mainstream media attention.

Awarded the Leadership, Ethics and Organizational Sustainability Senior Award from St Joseph’s University and an Earth Institute Sustainability Management Fellowship from The Earth Institute at Columbia University, Christina is now booked as a popular sustainability speaker for corporate events. Covering topics such as sustainable marketing strategies, sustainable sourcing, consumer insights on the sustainable millennial and the intersection of sustainability and purchase intent, Christina is guaranteed to deliver an insightful speech. Putting the complexities of sustainability into perspective, Christina makes sustainability relatable to all, helping companies to integrate sustainability into the heart of their operations. When looking for a consummate sustainability speaker to speak at your next event, book Christina Lampert today!

To enquire about Christina Lampert for your event or corporate function, simply contact us via or call a booking agent on 0207 1010 553.