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Sustainability aims to heal our planet, one reusable swap and renewable investment at a time. From the office to our homes, eco-friendly alternatives can be made in all facets of our lives – when combined, these seemingly minor changes make a global impact. 

Our speakers supply a guide to working sustainably, as well as personal stories and inspirational initiatives. Environment experts are the perfect addition to corporate events, as their sustainability strategies can both save businesses money, and save the planet.

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Featured Sustainability Speakers

Sally Uren

CEO of Forum for the Future & Founder of Casella Stranger who was Appointed OBE for Services to Sustainability

Richard Reed

Co-Founder of Innocent Drinks & Jam Jar Investments

David Howell

Former Secretary of State for Energy & Chairman of the Windsor Energy Group

Roger Ballentine

President of Green Strategies, Former Chairman of the White House Climate Change Task Force & Deputy Assistant to the President

Kate Brandt

Google’s Sustainability Officer & Obama’s Former Environmental Executive

How do I hire a sustainability speaker?

Hiring an expert on renewable energy, ESG or the environment is simple with The Sustainability Speakers Agency. Our team of dedicated booking agents will manage every stage of the process, starting with an initial consultation through to the day of your event. 

If your event requires travel arrangements, we will ensure your speaker arrives on time and prepared. Additionally, if your event is online, our experts can supply industry-leading webinar hosts suitable for an online format.

Get in touch either by phone or our online contact form to find out more. 

For a more detailed explanation, please see our processes page.

How much does a sustainability speaker cost to book?

The cost of booking a public speaker can differ depending on several factors, like whether they need to travel for the event. Whatever your requirements, our agents will book a transformative sustainability speaker within your budget, guaranteeing the success of your event. 

It can be time-consuming to source a cost-effective speaker, so by choosing a booking agency you will receive a bespoke list of options to choose from, within your price range.

Who are the best speakers for 2023?

For your 2023 event, look no further than a sustainability speaker. Widely considered the most pressing topic of the century, more conferences than ever are exploring the impact that climate change continues to have on our planet, as well as what business leaders can do to spark long-term change.

Book a sustainability speaker today to drive ticket sales and leave a resounding impact on audiences. 

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Of Companies include sustainability goals in business strategy

Official Environmental & Sustainability Stats

Sustainability is a numbers game. As the earth’s temperature continues to rise, scientists have quantified the downhill spiral caused by climate change.
Though the statistics seem bleak, there are still changes we can all make to slow the climate disaster. Book a sustainability speaker and reduce your organisation’s impact on CO2, landfill and more.

Key Dates For 2023

Taking place on the 22nd of April every year, Earth Day is an international celebration of our planet. It continues to inspire an environmental movement, and since 1970 has mobilised over one billion people to protect the future of earth. At both an individual and business level, Earth Day encourages people across the globe to “go green” with innovative solutions. 

Plastic Free July is an event that encourages people to do just that, reduce their plastic use in July. Every year, millions of people become part of the solution, by making reusable swaps in their everyday lives. Single-use plastic is a pressing issue in the fight against climate change, making this event an important opportunity for businesses to hire a sustainability speaker and learn how to reduce their plastic pollution.   Discover how your business can make 5 easy swaps this Plastic Free July.

Over 750 local Governments, businesses and universities take part in Energy Efficiency Day on the 6th of October – do you? The day encourages companies to cut their pollution and in turn save money, through renewable energy options and other practical solutions. At events recognising Energy Efficiency Day, sustainability speakers share their powerful insight into the long term impact of climate change.  

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on the 5th of June, and it is biggest international day for the environment. The event has been held annually since 1973 and is led by the United Nations Environment Programme. The largest global platform for environmental outreach, World Environment Day engages millions of people across the globe to take action and protect the planet.

The International Day of Climate Action takes place on the 24th of October every year. It is a call to action for businesses and individuals alike and was created to inspire a global movement. To recognise the day, sustainability speakers are booked to discuss climate change and how business leaders can reduce their CO2 output.  

COP28, otherwise known as the ‘Conference of the Parties’ or the ‘United Nations Climate Change Conference’, is taking place from the 30th November to the 12th December 2023 in the United Arab Emirates. Global leaders will pledge to achieve net-zero, protect natural habitats and equip organisations with resources to reduce their environmental impact. Discover what happened at COP26 and the key takeaways from the event.