Sophia Kianni

Executive Director of Climate Cardinals, the Youngest Person Ever to Serve as a United Nations Advisor, & Named as One of Teen Vogues 21 Under 21

  • Founder of Climate Cardinals
  • The only representative for the United States, the Middle East, and Iran
  • Named one of Vice Magazine’s Motherboard 20 Humans of 2020
  • Named one of the Forbes 30 Under 30

Sophia Kianni is well-regarded as the youngest person ever to serve as a United Nations Advisor. Having developed a remarkable career as a climate change activist, she has taken the industry by storm for many years and is now serving as the Founder and Executive Director of Climate Cardinals. Recognised as one of Teen Vogues 21 Under 21, Sophia has become a leading authority in her field and has gained the opportunity for her work to be featured in high-profile news outlets such as Vogue, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. When looking to hire an inspirational climate change speaker to attend your next event, do not hesitate in hiring Sophia today.

A treasured climate change expert, Sophia began her illustrious career by joining Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future. Showcasing her keen passion for positive change throughout the 2019 Black Friday climate strike, she became a respected figure throughout the group and was selected to become the National Strategist for the organisation. Utilising her career to educate audiences on the importance of taking action against climate change, Sophia took part in an organised protest with Extinction Rebellion, where she completed a week-long hunger strike and sit-in. After sharing her experiences with Teen Vogue, Sophia learnt that her voice held power, and in 2020, she became the named spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion.

Determined to ensure that language is not a barrier to climate action, Sophia has created an organisation which offers information about climate change in every language. As the Founder and Executive Director of Climate Cardinals, she is taking a stand throughout the community, and providing audiences with the knowledge they require to make a positive change in their way of living. In recognition of her revered career, Sophia was chosen to become part of the United Nations Youth Advisory Group in 2021 and stood as the only representative for the United States, the Middle East, and Iran. Admired globally for the positive impact she is having on both society and the environment, Sophia has become a must-see speaker for audiences globally.

A leading authority in her field, Sophia is now in high demand to attend speaking engagements internationally. With experience performing at world-recognised events such as COP26 and Youth4Climate, her informed opinions and powerful on-stage presence is treasured throughout the community. A testament to her distinguished career, Sophia was named one of Vice Magazine’s Motherboard 20 Humans of 2020, and one of the Forbes 30 Under 30. When looking to hire a passionate climate activist for your future event, look no further than Sophia today.

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