Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July 2024: 5 Easy Swaps for Your Business

A recent report found that 95% of plastic packaging was single-use, a staggering statistic considering the advancements in sustainable manufacturing. With plastic production continuing to pollute our planet, Jonathan Porrit perfectly encapsulates the current crossroads society faces:

“The future will be green, or not at all…”

Jonathan Porritt

Additionally, 75% of corporate sustainability professionals believe businesses must have eco-conscious strategies, aimed to reduce their carbon footprint. In our latest article, we explore the key plastic swaps businesses can make, that will have the biggest impact on our planet’s future.

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is a vital initiative, recognised by businesses, governments and individual households across the globe. The annual event has won awards for its impact and is credited for transforming the way we view everyday plastic use. Plastic Free July is a campaign on a mission, to build a future free from waste.

In-Person Events → Virtual Events

In-person events are attended by hundreds, if not thousands, of audiences at a time. Such numbers produce tonnes of plastic waste, as single-use coffee cups, utensils, packaging and more are favoured over reusable items, like metal cutlery.

As events and conferences are essential for business growth, what is the alternative? Virtual events.

Online conferences allow attendees to use the home comforts at their fingertips. Easy access to everyday objects like ceramic mugs, and reduced need for physical marketing collateral, all contribute to reducing single-use waste.

The perfect speaker for a virtual sustainability event, Afua Adom can impart top tips for businesses wanting to reduce their plastic use and carbon footprint.

General Waste → Recycling Stations

A simple and sustainable solution for many businesses includes installing recycling stations alongside general waste bins. This allows employees to recycle their plastic waste, rather than contribute to the growing landfill sites struggling with plastic consumption.

Supplying recycling bins is only half the battle; you must also educate your employees. When incorrect items are sent to recycling stations, it can damage equipment, contaminate recyclable materials and impact efficiency.

Teach your employees the correct products to recycle, and reduce your business’ plastic waste.

Traditional Stationary → Re-placeable Cartridges

The stationary cupboard is a staple of every workplace, but it is also home to mountains of plastic waste. Plastic pots, tape dispensers and half-empty pens are commonly discarded after cracks start to show, so why not invest in metal alternatives, like pens with replaceable cartridges?

These swaps last longer than their plastic counterparts and produce significantly less waste.

Alternatively, the humble pencil is a sustainable and often underappreciated option in the office. Pencils can be made from recycled materials and are easily repurposed after use.

Plastic Cutlery → Reusable Utensils

In the workplace, the communal kitchen produces bin bags of plastic waste every day. From single-use plates to plastic cutlery, such items are thrown away in their millions, prioritising ease of use over the planet’s health.

Additionally, plastic items are not cost-effective. By nature, they are produced to be used a small number of times and then thrown away.

Reusable items may require an initial investment, but their longevity leads to long-term savings for businesses.

Supermarket Produce → Green Deliveries

If you want to reduce your workplace’s plastic use, start with the fridge. Green delivery options offer eco-friendly alternatives to plastic-wrapped fruit and milk containers with their quick, cost-effective service.

Though plastic is favoured for its ease of use, glass bottles and paper bags are equally accessible alternatives.

These simple swaps are a great way to continue supplying your employees with tea breaks, while still reducing your business’ plastic consumption.

Book a Sustainability Speaker for Your Plastic-Free Event

To hire a leading sustainability expert for your corporate event, contact a booking agent at The Sustainability Speakers Agency either by phone, on 0203 9355 587, or via our online contact form.

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