The 10 Best Inspirational Sustainability Speakers to Hire in 2024 Ranked by Popularity

With the rate of climate change increasing at an alarming rate, more people are ensuring that they are doing all they can to reduce the damage that is being done to our planet. With 75% of people already recycling waste and 64% limiting single-use plastic, it is evident that there is an increased understanding of the importance of sustainability… but there is still a lot of work to do. Here at The Sustainability Speakers Agency, we are fortunate to work with some of the world’s leading experts on achieving sustainability and catalysing action against climate change. If you too are looking to lead a more sustainable life, why not hire an expert sustainability speaker today?

Why Should I Hire a Sustainability Speaker?

It is evident that more needs to be done to tackle the possibly irreversible damage that has been done to our planet. Our roster of expert sustainability speakers have all devoted their careers to the longevity of our planet, whether that be as a sustainable business leader or as a passionate environmentalist. Our speakers share their detailed expertise on sustainability, encompassing everything from the circular economy to becoming net zero and making sustainable changes in business and life as a whole. From Microsoft’s Chief Environmental Officer to the former Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA, our roster boasts some of the most preeminent experts on sustainability who are highly passionate about sharing their expertise at corporate events.

How Can I Hire a Sustainability Speaker?

Hiring a speaker with The Sustainability Speakers Agency could not be easier! Firstly, browse our roster of passionate sustainability speakers and consider the budget you have to spend. Once you have narrowed down your selection, contact one of our dedicated booking agents by calling 0203 9355 587 or by completing our online contact form!

Which Sustainability Speaker Should I Hire?

Having organised hundreds of speaking engagements over the years, The Sustainability Speakers Agency are experts in recommending the perfect sustainability speaker for your event. Having orchestrated many successful events, we conducted a survey across over 500 events to determine who the most popular sustainability speakers were. Take a look at our selection of the 10 best inspirational sustainability speakers to hire in 2024 ranked by popularity, below!

The Top 10 Sustainability Speakers to Hire in 2024

Lucas Joppa – 9.9/10

Former Chief Environmental Officer of Microsoft, Chief Sustainability Officer & Senior Managing Director of Haveli Investments

A preeminent authority on sustainability, Lucas Joppa is passionate about accelerating action to combat climate change. Having worked a decorated career, Lucas is best known for being the former Chief Environmental Officer of Microsoft – with whom he worked tirelessly to develop the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, spearheading the net-zero evolution and environmental impact at the company. Now, Lucas is the Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Managing Director of Haveli Investments, along with working as an Adjunct Professor at Yale University.

Awarded the USERN Prize in Formal Sciences and the Society for Conservation Biology Distinguished Service Award, don’t miss your opportunity to learn how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle from the former Chief Environmental Officer of Microsoft, Lucas Joppa.

Official Feedback for Lucas Joppa:

“We were thrilled with Lucas’ presentation as part of our rise event. He was engaging, articulated a clear messaging and used Microsoft initiatives & frameworks to back up his broader message. Thanks again for your help in securing him and coordinating his appearance at our event.” – Michael-Oliver, Brightness

Alexandra Palt – 9.8/10

Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer & CEO of the Fondation of L’Oréal

Dedicated to achieving L’Oréal’s sustainability goals by 2030, Alexandra Palt is renowned as the Chief Sustainability Officer of L’Oréal. Also the Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer of L’Oréal and the CEO of the Fondation L’Oréal, Alexandra has made a prolific impact on the sustainability practises of the global company – having created and directed the Sharing Beauty With All Commitment sustainability strategy. Spearheading environmental and social innovation at L’Oréal, Alexandra is dedicated to ensuring that 100% of L’Oréal’s products have either social or environmental benefits and decreasing L’Oréal’s carbon footprint by at least 60%.

Having also launched Women4Climate and spoken at the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society, Alexandra is a seasoned speaker who is renowned for her passions in sustainability. When looking for an expert on reducing carbon footprints, implementing impactful sustainability strategies and reducing environmental impact, don’t hesitate in hiring Alexandra Palt today!

Jeremy Schwartz – 9.6/10

Chairman of Sustainability & Inclusion Transformation Practice for Kantar, Former CEO of The Body Shop, Former MD of L’Oréal & Former Director of Marketing for Coca-Cola

A world-class leader in consumerism and retail, Jeremy Schwartz is a decorated businessman with a deep passion for sustainable business. Currently working as the Chairman of Sustainability and Inclusion Transformation Practice for Kantar, Jeremy has formerly worked as the CEO of Pandora, the Chairman and CEO of The Body Shop, the MD and Marketing Director of L’Oréal, the Director of Brand Marketing for Sainsbury’s and the Director of Marketing for Coca-Cola. Sharing the secrets to his business success, Jeremy also shares his expertise on profiting from sustainability – emphasising to businesses the importance of implementing effective sustainability strategies. Having worked tirelessly to set stretching environmental goals, Jeremy also shares his inspiring stories of successful business turnarounds at Sainsbury’s and Pandora.

The Host of the Saving Tomorrows Planet Podcast and awarded the Retail Award for Responsible Retailer, Jeremy is a preeminent authority on a sustainable business whose expertise should not be missed! Ensuring that companies are positioned to implement sustainability strategies that are transformational for the environment, don’t miss your chance to hire Jeremy Schwartz today.

Official Feedback for Jeremy Schwartz:

“Jeremy is an inspiring leader who is passionate about building teams and developing talent. He is a real creative thinker, supporting his time to articulate challenges and develop solutions.” – Elen, Global Customer Director, The Body Shop

Pia Heidenmark Cook – 9.7/10

Former Chief Sustainability Officer & Global Head of Sustainability for IKEA, NED of Bupa & Member of the Advisory Board of Decathlon

Widely regarded as being responsible for the success of sustainability initiatives at IKEA, Pia Heidenmark Cook is renowned for her former role as the Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA. Catalysing new environmentally conscious solutions at IKEA, Pia took the leading retailer in a new direction with their sustainability practices, discovering ethical sourcing for cotton and wood. Having formerly been the Co-Chair of The Retailers’ Environmental Action Programme, Pia is now working as a Member of the Advisory Board of Decathlon and as a Non-Executive Director of Bupa – sitting on their sustainability committee.

Having helped IKEA to win the Circular Economy Award from the WEF and the Sustainable Leaders Award 2020, Pia is highly sought after as a sustainability speaker to share how she had such an impact at IKEA. A seasoned speaker, having formerly delivered the TEDx talk How IKEA is Growing Its Business Whilst Shrinking Emissions, don’t miss an educational keynote speech on sustainability from Pia Heidenmark Cook.

Official Feedback for Pia Heidenmark Cook:

“Pia was an engaging and inspirational speaker. The presentation provided guidance on how to start sustainable transformation within the company. It was very focused on the ‘how’ and the lesson learned through the process. Pia brought real examples of how to capitalise on sustainability across our value chain, beautifully connecting the vital role that sustainability plays in our business as a consequence to the world and humankind. Bayer employees left the talk feeling energised; it was an excellent talk that fit the brief perfectly.” – Bayer Consumer Health

Steve Howard – 9.3/10

Former Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA, Co-Founder of the We Mean Business Coalition & Chief Sustainability Officer of Temasek

A preeminent pioneer of environmental action in the corporate world, Steve Howard formerly worked as the Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA. Under his careful watch, Steve was responsible for implementing the People and Planet Positive Scheme at IKEA – a highly successful initiative that secured €3 billion in investments in renewable energy. Since leaving IKEA, Steve has committed his expertise to a variety of advisory work and as the Co-Founder of the We Mean Business Coalition. Having also been the Co-Chair of the Environment and Natural Resource Global Future Council of the World Economic Forum, Steve is now working as the Chief Sustainability Officer of Temasek and is catalysing innovation for a better future.

When hired as a sought-after sustainability speaker, Steve is commended for his passion for leveraging sustainable transformation, also igniting audiences with a detailed overview of his People & Planet Positive strategy at IKEA. When looking for an influential sustainability professional with a decorated career, hire Steve Howard today.

Official Feedback for Steve Howard:

“The event went really well and Steve was great, so well received. His presentation was great, and to stand up for 45 minutes with no slides or notes isn’t easy! Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to him…” – Orla, PwC

Rebecca Marmot – 8.9/10

Chief Sustainability Officer of Unilever & Former Global External Affairs Director of L’Oréal

Sitting at the helm of the newly merged Global Sustainability, Global Advocacy and Policy Team, Rebecca Marmot is a distinguished sustainability expert currently working as the Chief Sustainability Officer of Unilever. Responsible for building strategic and commercial partnerships with the conservation of the environment at their heart, Rebecca is accredited for creating and launching the Unilever Foundation. Having also been the Global External Affairs Manager and Global Vice President of Sustainability for Unilever, Rebecca has also shared her expertise with L’Oréal as the Global External Affairs Director. Working directly with CEOs and Executives, Rebecca is a leading sustainability enthusiast who builds innovative sustainable business models.

With a history working for major global corporations, Rebecca is sought after for her expertise in sustainability as a keynote speaker. Whether she is pushing the importance of implementing sustainability strategies for business or encouraging people to be more sustainable in their personal lives, hire the CSO of Unilever, Rebecca Marmot, for an engaging and catalysing speech!

Gina McCarthy – 9.5/10

The First National Climate Advisor of The White House & 13th Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

A renowned air quality specialist, Gina McCarthy is best known for her former role as the first National Climate Advisor of The White House – working closely with dignitaries such as President Joe Biden and Barack Obama. Initially appointed by then-President Barack Obama as the Assistant Administrator for the EPAs Office of Air and Radiation, Gina proved her authority as a sustainability professional – ultimately promoted to become the 13th Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Having also formerly worked as the Director of the Centre for Climate, Health and the Global Environment and as the CEO of the Natural Resources Defence Council, Gina was appointed by President Joe Biden as the Head of the White House Office of Climate Policy in 2020.

An advisor to two of America’s Presidents, Gina’s authority on sustainability knows no bounds. Having also been the Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, hire Gina McCarthy to learn the importance of sustainability from a distinguished member of American politics today!

David King – 9.4/10

Head of the Climate Crisis Advisory Group & Former Special Representative for Climate Change to the Foreign Secretary

A catalyst of action toward a more sustainable future, Sir David King is a preeminent authority who has formerly worked as the Special Representative for Climate Change to the Foreign Secretary and as the Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government. Pioneering climate change action, David has worked alongside the likes of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, implementing revolutionary sustainability strategies and creating the Energy Technologies Institute – encompassing the horizon scanning process capable of assessing all manner of issues from flooding to global warming. Head of the Climate Change Advisory Group, David is revolutionising sustainability practices across the globe and using his prominence to emphasise the importance of continued climate change action.

A seasoned speaker, David has formerly demonstrated his passion and expertise to the House of Commons – detailing his expertise on curbing emissions and reducing the levels of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Also passionate about renewable sources of energy, such as nuclear power, and opposed to fossil fuels, hire Sir David King today for an all-encompassing speech on the importance of sustainability.

Ellen MacArthur – 9.1/10

Founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation & World Record Holder

A World Record holder for single-handedly sailing around the world non-stop, Dame Ellen MacArthur’s daring sailing feats have always had her passion for the environment at their heart. Today, Ellen is the Founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a catalyst in the transition to a circular economy. With a detailed understanding of how as a society we extract, use and dispose of finite resources, Ellen is committed to finding sustainable solutions that will ensure the longevity of our planet. Helping her audiences to understand that all manner of material we rely on is in short supply, Ellen demonstrates how our current linear society is fundamentally flawed and the real importance of transitioning to a circular economy.

Author of Race Against Time, Taking on the World and Full Circle, Ellen is widely regarded as a preeminent authority on sustainability and one of the leading catalysts in the transition to a circular economy. If you are looking to hire a renowned authority on sustainability who will emphasise the importance of a restorative and regenerative society, hire Dame Ellen MacArthur today.

Official Feedback for Ellen MacArthur:

“Truly humbling and human, really moved everyone and made them hold up a mirror to themselves.” – Involve

Jonathan Porritt – 9/10

Co-Founder of Forum for the Future & Former Co-Chair of The Green Party

Renowned as the Co-Founder of Forum for the Future, Sir Jonathon Porritt has enjoyed a respectable career as a preeminent authority on the importance of sustainability. A leading advocate, Jonathon has used his prominence to voice environmental concerns and promote the importance of leading a sustainable life. Having worked alongside revered organisations such as Unilever, M&S and Sky, Jonathon is widely regarded as one of the most influential ‘green thinkers’ worldwide. Having also been the Co-Chair of The Green Party, Jonathon was responsible for shaping many of the most important eco-political discussions for the political party.

With other responsibilities including being Director of Friends of the Earth and a Trustee of the WWF UK, there are few sustainability professionals with the pure passion that Jonathon has. Also the former Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission for the British Government, don’t miss your opportunity to hire sustainability authority Sir Jonathon Porritt today.

Official Feedback for Jonathon Porritt:

“On behalf of the Board and all of the staff at Stonebond, I just wanted to pass on our gratitude and thanks to Sir Jonathon Porritt on a brilliant and engaging talks/discussion today. Fantastic speaker and succinctly summarises such complex matters – we could have continued the debate all afternoon as there was so much engagement and so many questions from the team.” – Andrew, Stonebond Group Ltd

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