Paddy Lowe

Founder & Director of Zero Petroleum, one of the most successful engineers in F1 history with 10 of his designs winning Car of the Year

  • Former technical Director for McLaren Racing
  • Former Executive Technical Director for Mercedes
  • Former Chief Technical Officer for Williams
  • Winner of the Technical Director of the Year Award twice
  • Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Awarded Honorary Fellowship of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge
  • Recipient of the Sir Jackie Stewart Award

Paddy Lowe is one of the most successful engineers in Formula 1 history, with a staggering 10 of his designs winning Car of the Year Award, a true testament to his brilliantly innovative mind and original ideas to ensure the teams he worked with were extracting maximum performance out of the cars. Upon leaving Formula 1 and life in the fast lane, Paddy became the Founder and Director of Zero Petroleum, the UK’s first synthetic fuel company which is dedicated to helping erase our carbon footprint from the use of motor vehicles from cars to planes.

Upon graduating from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Engineering, Paddy joined Metal Box Research & Development LTD before then becoming the Control Engineer for Williams, a position which started his long and illustrious career in the sport. Throughout his career in F1, Paddy eventually became the Technical Director for McLaren Racing, the Executive Technical Director for Mercedes and then ended his career back at Williams as their Chief Technical Officer. Throughout his Formula 1 career, Paddy helped win 12 World Championships and 158 race wins. He has worked with a total of 11 World Championship winning drivers and was the brain behind Mercedes’ record breaking success in 2016 – the team winning 19 out of a total of 21 races. As a testament to his talents, Paddy won the Technical Director of the Year Award twice and the Sir Jackie Stewart Award.

Outside of Formula 1, Paddy became a Consultant for PALAD Technology and in 2020, Founded, and became the Director of, Zero Petroleum. His company has already secured the Guinness World Record title of ‘First Aircraft Powered by Synthetic Fuel’. Proving to be a leading innovator in both Formula 1 and outside it, Paddy was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering and is an Honorary Fellowship of Sidney Sussex, Cambridge. With Zero Petroleum, Paddy is dedicated to helping the world’s current carbon footprint problem, his innovative fuel is derived from air and water and can be used to power existing engines.

There is no doubt, with the numerous awards to his name, Paddy is one of the greatest engineers of our age and has turned his passions to sustainability, helping to also promote sustainability in Formula 1. Paddy has proven his ability to develop innovative solutions for reducing our carbon footprint and will continue to do so in the coming years. His extensive knowledge and expertise in motorsports and sustainability make him one of the most sought-after speakers of today. Look no further than Paddy Lowe for an incredible and informative sustainability speaker.

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