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5 Top Tips for Sustainable Construction & Home Installations in 2023

The construction industry relies on large quantities of raw materials, including man-made and natural products, like wood. However, mass production can have a detrimental impact on the planet, making it more important than ever to ethically source materials.

Companies like Palmers Orangeries & Conservatories are dedicated to sustainable construction practices. According to their website, the Nottingham-based company plants a tree for every single one they cut down for construction projects, offsetting their impact on the planet. Investing in forest restoration is key for sustainable construction.

What is Sustainable Construction?

Sustainable construction defines an environmentally conscious way of building new houses, office buildings or home extensions. From sourcing sustainable materials to reducing the amount of waste produced from the construction process, there are several practical ways to improve the sector’s impact on the environment.

The sustainability of the construction process is measured by its impact on society, the environment and the economy. Known as the ‘people, planet and profits’ philosophy, this approach equips construction companies and customers with clear, practical guidance to sustainability.


Global experts like Elena Morettini and Alexandra Palt are paving the way for environmentally conscious business practices. From renewable energy to ESG, such speakers are regularly booked for corporate events to share their advice with business leaders.

Ways to Ensure Sustainable Construction:

See our five top tips for ensuring sustainable construction!

Watch Your Waste

The production process creates a lot of waste. Hazardous waste, excess materials and onsite litter can pile up and create a big problem for the environment. There are several ways to reduce waste on a construction site, including reusing material and recycling where possible. The biggest change companies can make, is to thoroughly prepare before they step foot on the construction site. Plan which materials you need and how much is required, to reduce the potential for unnecessary waste.

Pledge to Replant

Timber is commonly used in construction – however, a tree that takes decades to grow can be cut down within minutes, creating a large problem for the sustainability of the planet. There are several forestry replant organisations doing outstanding work across the world, thanks to donations from construction companies wanting to offset their timber use.

Design for Repurpose

Installation and construction projects are designed to stand the test of time. This is good news for longevity, but once the property owners are ready to sell and move on, these projects can be left empty and unused. To counter this, construction companies should design for repurposing, rather than destroy! With mindful construction, a conservatory can be turned into an extended kitchen, or a family home can become an office.

Renew & Recycle

There is a new wave of construction equipment taking the industry by storm: electric. Gone are the days of petrol-powered products, now, zero-emission alternatives are widely available. Additionally, separating waste materials and making a conscious effort to reuse/recycle can drastically improve the impact that construction companies have on the planet.

Invest in Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting initiatives are widely available and are a productive way to care for the planet. Rather than taking primary responsibility for your sustainability, such programmes use donations to invest in global environmental programmes. Simply calculate your carbon footprint, then invest in carbon offsetting initiatives to balance your impact on the planet.

What’s Next?

If you want to learn more about sustainable construction, contact The Sustainability Speakers Agency via our online contact form to talk to one of our experienced booking agents. For all your construction needs, choose Palmers Orangeries and Conservatories! Nottingham’s leading extension company with 35 years of experience, get in touch with Palmers using the online contact form to get your free, competitive quote.

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