Kaushik Kappagantulu

Co-Founding CEO of Kheyti & Winner of The Earthshot Prize 2022

  • Winner of Protect and Restore Nature of The Earthshot Prize 2022
  • Awarded the Nathan Gantcher Prize for Social Enterprise & the Tamer Grant for Social Ventures

Kaushik Kappagantulu is the Co-founder and CEO of Kheyti, the Earthshot Prize-winning project for the Protect and Restore Nature category, 2022. Protecting the environment, using fewer natural resources, and generating a greater return for farmers and their families, are just a few things Kaushik’s project accomplishes. Kheyti is a ground-breaking Greenhouse-in-a-box helping farmers reduce climate risk and increase their yields. It is specifically designed to aid the poorest farmers and those most susceptible to climate change to protect their crops from unpredictable elements and destructive pests.

Moreover, the product helps to conserve precious resources, such as reducing water consumption by 98%, whilst generating a seven-times higher yield. Something highly important with many farmers regularly experiencing severe drought. It is also 90% cheaper than a standard greenhouse and more than doubles the farmer’s income. Furthermore, to ensure maximum efficiency, farmers are trained on how to use the Greenhouse-in-a-box and are provided with support.

Kaushik has dedicated much of his professional life to social causes, with over 12 years of experience building social enterprises to serve the rural poor in India. Prior to working on Kheyti, he spent several years with B-Able, a distinguished social enterprise connecting school dropouts with quality training and placement services to help them attain a career. During his time with the organisation, Kaushik played an instrumental role in scaling B-Able from one training centre to 200, allowing them to offer services to more than 50,000 people annually.

A highly educated individual, Kaushik is a graduate of IIT Kharagpur and has earned an MBA from Columbia Business School. Whilst at Columbia, Kaushik demonstrated great entrepreneurial acumen and was awarded the Nathan Gantcher Prize for Social Enterprise and the Tamer Grant for Social Ventures. He also won the Elevate Prize in 2021 and the Acumen India Fellow in 2014. A remarkable social entrepreneur who is making a massive difference to the rural poor in India, Kaushik can eloquently speak on his fascinating social entrepreneurial efforts when booked as a speaker.

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