Edna Odhiambo

Independent Climate Consultant & Fulbright Scholar of The Fulbright Program

  • Independent Climate Consultant at Ednaclimate
  • Effectively communicating climate solutions across 30 countries, in five continents
  • Op-eds on climate action featured in global and local media
  • Fulbright Scholar recipient for Environment and Natural Resources Law Studies
  • Young Leader in Sustainable Transport 2019
  • Climate Tracker awardee 2013

When Edna Odhiambo is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Climate Action
Sustainable Development Across Africa, North America, Asia, South America & Europe

Edna Odhiambo is a passionate sustainability and climate action expert, who independently advises corporate clients on sustainable development across Africa, South America, North America,  Asia and Europe. A dynamic sustainability speaker, Edna has formerly spoken for the likes of Stanford Law School, and provides her expertise to a range of major conferences and specialised private events. When looking for a speaker who can expertly conduct discussions on corporate reporting and disclosures, leveraging sustainability for profit, clean energy, sustainable transport, climate finance, nature-based solutions and sustainable planning, book Edna Odhiambo today.

Delivering her messages with simplicity and eloquence, Edna has enjoyed a successful career advocating for climate change action and sustainable development. As the founder of Ednaclimate, Edna spreads the importance of acting against climate change, with over a decade of experience advancing resilience and securing sustainability. Over the course of her career, Edna has worked with governments, non for profit organisations and private sectors to mainstream climate action and sustainable practices. Highly regarded for her expertise on sustainability, Edna has been featured in Daily Nation, Al Jazeera and Reuters to name but a few publications.

Passionate about creating a sustainable planet that is worth passing on, Edna has an impressive roster of clients that spans 30 different countries across Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Eastern Caribbean. Utilising her prominence as a public speaker, Edna fosters knowledge diffusion on carbon offsetting, forest and landscape restoration, non-motorised transport, green incentivisation, clean cooking, electric mobility and integrated land management. She also works to mainstream sustainability in academia and encourages sub-national development plans of sustainable planning.

A revered sustainability expert, Edna Odhiambo is hired as a speaker for a range of corporate events, having formerly spoken for the likes of Wharton Business School, the University of Oregon, the University of Gothenburg and Leiden University. From major conferences to specialised events with diverse audiences, Edna is a truly talented public speaker and ardent sustainability and climate change action advocate. When looking for a sustainability speaker to spread the importance of climate change action and cover important topics such as corporate reporting and disclosures, leveraging sustainability for profit, sustainable value chains and planning at your next event, book Edna Odhiambo today.

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