Crispin Matson

UK Director of Ramboll Energy & Director of Westmill Wind Farm

  • Director of Westmill Wind Farm
  • UK Director of Ramboll Energy
  • Member of the ICE London Energy Panel

A pioneer in the sector of renewable energy, Crispin Matson is the UK Director of Ramboll Energy and Westmill Wind Farm. For the past 30 years, Crispin has worked within the energy industry overseeing the installation, development and usage of efficient renewable energy systems. Passionate to encourage the wider use of renewable energy forms, Crispin is now booked as a sustainability speaker to share his expertise on the importance of energy that is kind to the environment.

Throughout the course of his career, Crispin has developed countless projects of renewable energy throughout the UK and Ireland. From solar power to geothermal energy and biogas, there aren’t many power forms that Crispin hasn’t worked with. Now also a member of the ICE London Energy Panel, Crispin encourages engineers to consider the role they play in facing climate change. Renowned for his integrated approach, Crispin considers how energy is transmitted, generated, used and stored both in buildings and across the transportation network.

Creating links overseas, Crispin’s approach to business is always client-focused. A highly knowledgeable individual, Crispin is also keen to pay attention to the scientific and policy developments within the energy industry and is keen to see a movement towards a zero-carbon economy.

With such a long and successful career in the energy industry, Crispin is now hired as a sustainability and renewable energy speaker for corporate events. Having pioneered countless energy projects concerning biogas, solar, wind and geothermal energy, Crispin delivers a comprehensive understanding of why the world needs to use more renewable energy sources.  An insightful and knowledgeable speaker, Crispin Matson is the perfect choice to speak on energy and sustainability at conferences.


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