Christopher Raymond

Boeing's first ever Chief Sustainability Officer, member of the Boeing Executive Council & Fellow in the Royal Aeronautical Society

  • Former Vice President of Sustainability, Strategy & Corporate Development for Boeing
  • Former Vice President for the Embraer Integration for Boeing
  • Associate Fellow in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Member of the Clean Skies for Tomorrow Coalition
  • World 50 Member
  • Advocate for the International Aviation Women’s Association
  • Former Vice President & General Manager for Boeing

Christopher Raymond is one of the most respected figures within the aviation industry. Currently, he is working as the Chief Sustainability Officer for Boeing after being promoted to this position in 2020. Incredibly, he has been with Boeing since 1990, building a strong rapport within the company which lead to him becoming a member of the company’s Executive Council. During his long career with Boeing, Chris has dedicated himself to ensuring the company advances it’s approach on environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities to ensure Boeing’s sustainable future. When hired as a speaker, Christopher shares his highly sought-after knowledge on aviation and ESG issues.

Having earned his bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of California, Irvine, Christopher began his career as an engineer for Boeing. Christopher then went on to have several different roles within the company before his natural ability as a manager was soon recognised. He spent 25 years as the Vice President and General Manager and then became the Vice President and General Manager for Autonomous Systems – a division within Boeing defence specialising in intelligence capabilities and networking solutions ranging from the seabed to space. After this role, in 2017 he became a key figure in the strategic partnership between Embraer, the Brazilian aerospace company, and Boeing.

After spending many years within the company, learning about its processes from the ground up, in 2019 Christopher became the Vice President of Sustainability, Strategy and Corporate Development. He led the team which shaped the company’s future to ensure sustainability, productivity and growth via market insights, strategies and various partnerships. As Boeing’s current Chief Sustainability Officer, Christopher is responsible for safeguarding the company’s commitment to ensure a global positive impact for generations to come.

As one of the leading figures within the aviation industry, Christopher’s decorated career is one which commands respect. In line with his desire for a sustainable future within the aviation industry, Christopher is part of the Clean Skies for Tomorrow Coalition and advocates for more inclusion within the aviation industry as part of the International Aviation Women’s Association. He is also on the advisory board with The Heritage Group, Dell Technologies, the MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium, and the University of Illinois Aerospace Engineering Alumni Board. With second-to-none expertise on the aviation industry and ESG, there is no doubt Christopher is the speaker you need to hire today.

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