Alison Benjamin

Co-founder & Operational Director of Urban Bees Limited, TEDx speaker & journalist

  • Co-founder of Urban Bees Limited
  • Former Deputy Editor of the Guardian
  • Freelance Journalist
  • Author of ‘A World Without Bees’
  • TEDx Speaker

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The Good Bee: A Celebration of Bees – And How to Save Them
A World Without Bees
Bees In The City

When Alison Benjamin is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Simple steps you can take at home to help bees, pollinators and other wildlife.The climate crisis and bees and food security.
How rewilding our towns and cities will improve biodiversity and make them more attractive places for people to live.
A celebration of the 20,000 bee species globally, why they are so important, and why and how we can save them.
A celebration of the 250 bee species in the UK, why they are so important, and why and how we can save them.

Alison Benjamin is championing sustainability by promoting the importance of Bees and the need to protect the species. As a journalist, she has informed the public on sustainability and nature for many years before moving into the business world working as Operational Director of Urban Bees Limited and educating businesses on how they can embed green practices at all levels of their organisations. Informative and engaging Alison is a great choice for any organisation looking for a serious talk on how to improve biodiversity in their work.

Alison has spent the majority of her career working for the national newspaper The Guardian. In that time, she wrote about the environment and social issues, but most of the work was focused on Bees. She has written articles on why they are important to the environment, the impact of human activity on the species and ways we can work to save them. She has also been Commissioning Editor, Acting Environment Editor and Deputy Editor at the Guardian.  Having left the Guardian as a staff member she continues to work as a freelancer devoting her time to articles focused on the link between nature and wellbeing, farming practices, bees, and environmental policy. She has had freelance work published in The Guardian, The Observer, BQ Bee and Pollinator Quarterly. She has also written books aimed at helping people become more environmentally friendly. Her books include the best-selling ‘A World Without Bees’.  

Away from her journalism career, Alison works alongside her husband as co-founder and Operational Director of Urban Bees Limited.  Her work with the organisation sees her supporting businesses to become more bee-friendly and providing them with strategies to reach their sustainability and biodiversity goals. She has supported organisations across the globe including KPMG, Lush and St George. She has also been a regular in the media spreading her sustainability message with appearances on Radio One and Radio Four. In 2014 she conducted a TEDx Talk on the plight of the Honeybee across the world.

Available to hire as a speaker, Allison is a great choice for any event focused on sustainability. An expert on all things sustainability, as well as having experience of supporting businesses she hosts an informative and engaging discussion and leaves the audience with useful strategies on how to embed sustainability and biodiversity in both their work and home lives.

Official Testimonials

Alison Benjamin is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Alison is a fantastic educator and hugely passionate about the welfare of bees. Urban Bees’ entertaining and practical lunchtime sessions about how to help bees have proved extremely popular with our employees at all levels of the firm. It’s been a fantastic way to engage employees in sustainability issues. Many of us have planted their bee-friendly wildflower seed mix at home with great results. We’ve really enjoyed learning how to identify different bee species on our London office roof terrace and the flowers the bees are visiting. Employees also appreciate why Weil has transformed its roof terrace to provide food and lodging for wild bees. And pupils from one of our partner primary schools have come into the office to make bee-hotels and go on a rooftop bee safari with Urban Bees. It’s an experience they say they’ll never forget!”

Robert, London at Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP

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