ESG Speakers

ESG investing stands for Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance, a set of requirements for businesses to be deemed sustainable. The criteria inform investors of the carbon-neutral companies worth financing, the businesses that are committed to protecting the planet.

As well as being a financial incentive for company leaders, ESG also indicates the businesses whose use of renewable energy will last a lifetime. To become a carbon-neutral organisation, browse our selection of speakers below.

Kate Brandt

Google’s Sustainability Officer & Obama’s Former Environmental Executive

Jeremy Schwartz

Non-Executive Director of Revolution Beauty, Chairman of Sustainability and Inclusion Transformation Practise for Kantar & Former CEO of The Body Shop

JB Straubel

CEO of Redwood Material, Former Co-Founder & CTO of Tesla

Steve Howard

Co-Founder & CHair of WE MEAN BUSINESS & Former Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA

Jon Wright

Co-Founder of Innocent Drinks & Jam Jar Investments

Rakhi Kumar

Senior Vice President of Liberty Mutual Insurance, Global Leader in ESG Investments & Sustainability

Jez Rose

Award Winning Honey Bee Farmer, Conservationist & Broadcaster

Adam Henson

Presenter on BBC’s Countryfile & Owner of Cotswold Farm park

David Erasmus

Serial Social Entrepreneur & Ambassador for Philanthropy

Trewin Restorick

Founder & CEO of Hubbub UK and Global Action Plan

Patrick Holden

Founder of the Sustainable Food Trust & Former Director of the Soil Association

ESG investing is valued at $30 trillion, as 71% of CEOs feel a personal responsibility to their business’ sustainability. To capitalise on this growing market, hire an ESG speaker and transform your organisation’s processes in line with global standards.

What is ESG?

ESG, or Environmental, Social and Governance, is a style of investing that prioritises sustainable, often carbon neutral businesses over companies driving climate change. The term is used in conjunction with sustainable or socially responsible investing and describes a set of criteria that businesses must meet to receive investment.

Why is ESG important in business?

ESG is a financial incentive for businesses to become more sustainable. It highlights the impact that companies have on our planet and rewards the organisations that have made meaningful changes to their processes. For investors, ESG is a helpful guide to responsible financing, as it underlines the businesses pioneering sustainability, and worthy of investment.

What are ESG requirements?

ESG is split into three categories: environmental impact, social factors and corporate governance. Within these three groups, guidelines break down the many standards businesses must meet to be deemed worthy of investment.

Such standards can range from gender diversity to energy efficiency, discover more examples below:

  • Environment: Carbon emissions, energy efficiency, waste management
  • Social: Diversity, human rights, labour standards, data protection
  • Governance: Lobbying, political contributions, board composition, corruption


Our ESG speakers are equipped with strategies for both meeting the important criteria and identifying environmentally-friendly investment opportunities. Having led successful careers in ESG investing and sustainability, each of these speakers has been key to developing the industry, indicating their impact when booked for events.

Browse our selection then contact a booking agent to find out more.