Energy & Renewable Energy

Renewable energy defines resources that use solar, wind, tidal or geothermal heat to produce electricity. What sets such methods apart from traditional means, like fossil fuels, is their carbon-neutral nature, an important factor to consider when tackling climate change.

With 76% of consumers expecting companies to improve their climate change impact, learning from a renewable speaker can have financial and environmental benefits. Book a leading speaker featured below to find out more.

Adriaan Kamp

Founding Director of Energy For One World, Former Business Manager of Upstream Shell International & Founder of Timespots

Andy Pag

Eco-Adventurer Who Travelled the World to Raise Awareness for Sustainable Travel

Angus McCrone

Bloomberg Chief Editor of New Energy Finance & Founder of Twowaymarkets Ltd

Chris Huhne

Former Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change & Liberal Democrat MP

Crispin Matson

UK Director of Ramboll Energy & Director of Westmill Wind Farm

David Howell

Former Secretary of State for Energy & Chairman of the Windsor Energy Group

Elena Morettini

Director of The Sustainable Business Studio at Globant & Co-Founder of Because Energy Matters

Heather Zichal

Former Deputy Assistant to President Obama for Energy & Climate Change, Chief Executive of the American Clean Power Association

Henry Tricks

Former Energy and Commodities Editor of The Economist

Huib van Bockel

Former Head of Marketing at Red Bull UK & Founder of TENZING Natural Energy

Jan-Olaf Willums

Founding Chairman of Inspire Invest, Zero Emission Transport, Zero Emission Marine & Move About

Javier Blas

Chief Energy Correspondent for Bloomberg News, Former Editor for the Financial Times

I’ve been very passionate about renewable energy for many years, particularly solar energy and its capacity to bring abundant clean, sustainable energy to millions around the globe.” – Richard Branson

For a week in June every year, World Sustainable Energy Days highlight the relationship between climate neutrality and economic recovery. The event is an essential opportunity for business leaders to improve their carbon footprint, using the guidance of a leading renewable energy speaker.

Our speakers have the passion, knowledge and experience to transform your business, using their practical advice. Discover the leading experts on energy and renewable energy, then contact a booking agent to hire a speaker for your event.