Tom Rivett-Carnac

Co-Founder of Global Optimism & Former Senior Advisor to the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

  • Appointed OBE for Services to Tackling Climate Change
  • Author of When We All Stopped & Co-Author of The Future We Choose
  • Architect of the Paris Agreement
  • Co-Founder of the Climate Pledge
  • Member of the Expert Review Panel of the Earthshot Prize

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The Future We Choose Tom Rivett Carnac
The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis
When We All Stopped Tom Rivett Carnac
When We All Stopped

Tom Rivett-Carnac is a pivotal figure in the realm of sustainability, earning global recognition for his profound contributions to environmental conservation and climate action. With his foundational work as a political lobbyist and adviser to the former Executive Secretary of the United Nations, Christiana Figueres, Tom has established himself as a beacon of enlightenment and action in the ecological sphere. The notable Co-Founder of Global Optimism, Tom Rivett-Carnac is renowned for his transformative discussions on environment, ESG, and renewable energy, making him a highly coveted sustainability speaker. His profound insights are instrumental in guiding businesses towards their carbon-neutral aspirations by advocating practical, solution-driven strategies.

Tom’s commitment to the concept of “stubborn optimism” is a clarion call for re-evaluating systemic dependencies that exacerbate climate crisis, like the longstanding reliance on fossil fuels. With the ambition of attaining carbon net zero by 2050, Tom’s relentless engagements with global leaders are crucial in mitigating the detrimental impacts of climate change. His pivotal role as the former Senior Advisor to the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change marked a significant chapter in influencing substantial political resolutions focusing on sustainability. The crafting of the Paris Agreement in 2015 stands testament to Tom’s unwavering dedication to sustainable futures. Tom’s vast and versatile roles, ranging from the President and CEO of CDP North America to the Co-Founder of the Climate Pledge, highlight his multi-dimensional approach to climate advocacy. As a Fellow of the Bezos Earth Fund and a Senior Fellow of Stanford Law School, Tom’s perspective is enriched with a diverse range of insights and knowledge, further elevated by his extensive authorship, including co-authoring “The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis.”

Tom’s extensive collaborations, including advisory roles with organizations like the Global Impact Investment Network and the NY Stock Exchange, demonstrate his widespread influence in shaping international environmental discourse. He seamlessly blends his academic acumen in Environmental Economics and Systems Science with his extensive professional background to deliver nuanced, pragmatic speeches on sustainability. His fervent talks are not just reflections of his passions but are also catalysts for empowering actions pivotal for the planet’s survival. Whether addressing government entities or corporate conglomerates, Tom’s orations serve as a meticulous guide to implementing sustainable practices.

Hiring Tom Rivett-Carnac for your next event ensures the delivery of astute, profound insights by a distinguished sustainability expert, whose knowledge and experiences are pivotal in navigating the complexities of environmental stewardship and driving transformative changes in the journey towards a more sustainable future. Tom’s presence at events is synonymous with instigating transformational change, bridging differing perspectives, and unifying diverse audiences in the collective fight against climate change. His transparent and honest dialogue on climate-related risks promotes comprehensive disclosure, prompting companies to introspect their environmental footprints— making Tom Rivett-Carnac the perfect sustainability speaker for your next event.

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