Stuart Kirk

Financial Times Columnist & Former Global Head of Responsible Investment at HSBC Asset Management

  • Former Global Head of Research and Insights at HSBC Global Asset Management
  • Former Global Head of Research Institute at DWS Group
  • Former Global Head of Multi-Asset and Thematic Research at Deutsche Bank
  • Former Lex Editor at the Financial Times
  • Former Management Consultant at Oliver Wyman
  • Former Portfolio Manager at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell

When Stuart Kirk is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Markets and Investing
ESG and Sustainability
Corporate Strategy, IR and Comms
Why ESG ain’t dead and ETF’s ain’t red
What ETFs to invest in if you want to make the biggest real world difference

Stuart Kirk is a Financial Times Columnist and senior figure in the financial sector who caused waves in sustainable investing for suggesting that policymakers are using scare tactics in relation to finance and climate. Going viral with his controversial speech at the Financial Times Moral Money conference, he has since resigned as Global Head of Responsible Investments at HSBC Asset Management. Although he faced widespread scrutiny for his polemic, many leaders in ESG, such as Tariq Fancy, BlackRock’s former Chief Investment Officer for Sustainable Investing, voiced their support for Stuart. A preeminent speaker, Stuart covers ESG, sustainability, corporate strategy, markets and investing when hired for speaking presentations.

After earning an MA in Economics at the University of Cambridge, Stuart joined Deutsche Morgan Grenfell as a Portfolio Manager, developing market-leading valuation skills. In 2004 he became a Management Consultant at Oliver Wyman, a leader in financial services practice, where he worked on projects ranging from strategy reviews for global investment banks to restructuring the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds. Following that, he spent seven years as the Lex Editor with the Financial Times, amassing a global following for his distinguished thought leadership articles.

In 2013 he joined Deutsche Bank as the Global Head of Multi-Asset and Thematic Research, responsible for advising the chief executive. Stuart then joined DWS Group as Global Head of Research Institute before becoming Global Head of Research and Insights at HSBC Global Asset Management. After two years, he became the Global Head of Responsible Investments at HSBC Asset Management. A respected authority in the financial sector, Stuart has contributed numerous articles and reports, including writing the most-read research report on Wall Street. Moreover, at HSBC, his insights were eagerly anticipated by retail and institutional clients worldwide.

For his thought-provoking opinions on ESG, Stuart has been featured in notable publications, including Forbes, Reuters, BBC, Wall Street Journal and Business Insider. He also recently gave an impactful TEDx Talk titled How to Invest Sustainably. Using his expertise as a former President of the Cambridge Union Society, Stuart captivates audiences with his wit, profound insights into ESG and industry-leading research. Offering a refreshing and honest perspective on sustainable investing, Stuart Kirk is a highly prized speaker.

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