Dr Rosa Vásquez Espinoza

The Founder & Executive Director of Amazon Research Internacional

  • Co-Founder of Purple Corn Creative Science
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant at Tennessee Technological University & Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Michigan
  • Recipient of the 2020 American Chemical Society CAS Leadership Award
  • Recipient of the 2019 National Geographic Early Career Award

When Dr Rosa Vásquez Espinoza is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Lessons from the Amazon for a Sustainable Business
Changing our Future
Why Nature Matters for the Future of Technology, Economy, Food & Medicine
One Step Too Hot – Critical Decision-Making Lessons from the Amazonian Boiling River

Dr Rosa Vásquez Espinoza has committed her career to the conservation of the most extreme environments on planet Earth. A talented chemical biologist and National Geographic explorer, Rosa is commended for her detailed research on Amazonian biodiversity. Connecting the macro-to-micro worlds, Rosa uses her platforms to increase appreciation for biodiversity and encourage people to live more sustainably. A compelling storyteller, Rosa is now also hired as a speaker for corporate events, sharing her expertise on sustainable business, changing the future and why nature matters.

Having achieved a PhD in Chemical Biology from the University of Michigan, Rosa’s education has allowed her to forge a highly successful career as a chemical biologist, and today she is the Founder of Amazon Research Internacional (ARI). Sitting at the helm of a for-purpose organisation committed to increasing knowledge of and the conservation of Amazonian biodiversity – Rosa has already researched the microbes of the Peruvian Boiling River and the Amazonian stingless bees’ medicinal honey. In addition to her work with ARI, Rosa is also the Co-Founder of Purple Corn Creative Science, and has formerly worked as both an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Tennessee Technological University and a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Michigan.

Empowering economies in sustainable and ethical ways, Rosa is a passionate advocate for the scientific exploration of ecosystems that currently remain untapped. Her passions have seen her sought to appear in a variety of environmental-themed campaigns, including working with the likes of National Geographic, NASA and Walt Disney. Rosa was also the narrator of Secrets in the Jungle for the Science Channel, along with being featured in Forbes, the National Association of Science Writers and National Geographic Magazine. In honour of her already successful career, Rosa was awarded with the 2020 American Chemical Society CAS Leadership Award and the 2019 National Geographic Early Career Award.

A prominent researcher of chemical and genetic diversity, Rosa is fascinated by the world around us and is passionate about making others feel the same. Inspiring creative thinking when learning about the planet, Rosa is highly sought after for a range of corporate events and speaking engagements for educational establishments, sharing her knowledge on the fragile and untapped ecosystems that need to be protected. In addition to speaking about why nature matters and her story of exploring the Amazon as an Indigenous Latina scientist, Rosa is also hired to share her passions for diversity in STEM and promoting equal access to education. Having already spoken at the Planet Love 2.0 Launch with Pepsi Latin America and at the National Geographic Learning CENGAGE, Rosa is a seasoned speaker who should not be missed. If you are looking to hire a passionate environmentalist and conservationist for your next event, book Dr Rosa Vásquez Espinoza now!

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