Pierre Paslier

Co-founder & CEO of Notpla, The Earthshot Prize-winning project for the Build A Waste-Free World Category & Former Packaging Engineer for L'Oreal

  • Co-founder and CEO of Notpla
  • Earthshot Prize Winner for the Build A Waste-Free World category 2022
  • Given speeches at TEDx Groningen, Athens and Warwick
  • Co-founded Gravity Sketch
  • Co-founded Skipping Rocks Lab
  • Packaging Engineer for L’Oreal

Pierre Paslier is the Co-founder and CEO of Notpla, the Earthshot Prize-winning project for the Build A Waste-Free World category. Notpla is a revolutionary plastic alternative product made from seaweed and plants. With 6.3bn tonnes of untreated plastic littering streets and oceans, Notpla is an ambitious solution that is natural, biodegradable and has a wide range of applications. In 2019, Notpla-made Oohos filled with Lucozade were handed to the runners at the London Marathon. Moreover, one million takeaway food boxes made from Notpla were used by Just Eat. Pierre is a highly sought-after speaker who has given speeches at leading events, including a talk at TEDx Groningen, Athens and Warwick, where he eloquently spoke about the benefits and uses of Notpla.

Having the potential to replace over 100 million plastic-coated containers in Europe, Nopla is constantly undergoing research and development to increase its application. In addition to offering an environmentally friendly plastic alternative, the seaweed used to make Nopla captures carbon twenty times faster than trees, helping to address one of the most pertinent climate issues. With constant improvements to Notpla, Pierre aims to replace single-use plastic across various industries at a global scale.

Pierre began his career as a Packaging Engineer for L’Oreal and has co-designed one of the first consumer delta 3D printers. An astute designer and a serial entrepreneur, he Co-founded Gravity Sketch, a VR 3D design platform, and Skipping Rocks Lab an early sustainable packaging company, where the main product is a seaweed-based sachet. Pierre is an experienced speaker, having delivered highly informative speeches at several TEDx conferences. He is now available to hire as a speaker where he can share his expertise on sustainable packaging and design.

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