Patrick Holden

Founder of the Sustainable Food Trust & Former Director of the Soil Association

  • Founded the Sustainable Food Trust
  • Former Director of the Soil Association
  • Owns the Longest Established Organic Dairy Farm in Wales
  • Gave a TEDx Talk on ‘Making our Food Safe & Sustainable’
  • Founded British Organic Farmers

One of the pioneers of the modern sustainable food movement, Patrick Holden is a leader behind the UK organic market. From owning his own dairy farm to making an international impact on the policies surrounding produce growth, Patrick has a lifetime worth of experience of working towards goals within the natural world. Booked as a speaker for his expertise, Patrick is renowned for the strategies he suggests and education he gives to audiences on sustainable solutions and eco-friendly living.

A dedicated dairy farmer, Patrick established his holding in 1973 and has grown it to the longest-standing organic dairy farm in Wales. Following the success of his own award-winning Ayrshire cows, and passion for ethical farming practices, Patrick Founded British Organic Farmers. The group of which he was Chairman of were the catalyst for the organic food movement in Britain, setting up the production base which later led to a merger with the Soil Association. From 1995 Patrick was Director of the Soil Association where he spent nearly 20 years liaising with businesses and governments to establish organic farming standards, widely used today.

The culmination of decades of experience, in 2012, Patrick Founded Sustainable Food Trust, an organisation that works to accelerate sustainable food systems. Operating on a global scale, the trust was created in response to the growing demand for agricultural practices that were environmentally friendly and supported the demand for food supply. Backed with his impressive industry reputation, Patrick has established partnerships worldwide that benefit a greater environmental goal.

Currently, Patrick is sought after for his expertise in a number of advisory roles including as the Senior Environmental Advisor to JCB and the International Ambassador of the Soil Association. Having previously given a TEDx talk on ‘Making our Food Safe & Sustainable’ along with many presentations to corporate clients, Patrick has finessed his presenting style and ability to communicate complex environmental issues into tangible solutions for a range of audiences.

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