Noel Kinder

Chief Sustainability Officer at Nike, Former Vice President of Sustainable Manufacturing and Sourcing, & Nike’s External Spokesperson for Leadership in Sustainability

  • Former General Manager at Nike Vietnam
  • Former Senior Director of Global Apparel and Equipment Planning

Noel Kinder is a revered global operation executive with over 20 years of valuable experience in sustainability, government relations, and supply chain management. As the current Chief Sustainability Officer at Nike, he is leading the global sustainability strategy for transportation, logistics, and retail. Also forwarding as Nike’s external spokesperson for leadership in sustainability, Noel has dedicated his career to implementing positive change within large-scale organisations. When looking to hire an experienced sustainability speaker, look no further than Noel today.

After graduating with an MBA from Portland State University, Noel began his professional career at Nike fulfilling roles in strategic planning, finance, quality, and operations. In 2011, he was selected to become the Senior Director of Global Apparel and Equipment Planning, a role which allowed him to develop his leadership qualities on a large scale. Treasured for his driven mindset, Noel later fulfilled the role of General Manager at Nike Vietnam, meaning he represented 50% of the global production. Recognising his desire to infiltrate their sustainability practices, Noel became their Vice President of Sustainable Manufacturing and Sourcing.

Respected for the remarkable positive impact that he has had throughout the world-recognised organisation, Noel has now become the profound Chief Sustainability Officer for Nike Inc. Driving the mission towards sustainability, he has led admirable projects which have changed the industry forever. Treasured throughout the community by professionals, he has taken the industry by storm and is continuing to develop innovative strategies that allow Nike to remain at the top of the market.

An inspiration to audiences around the world, Noel Kinder is now highly sought-after to share his expertise at speaking engagements. With over 20 years of experience working for Nike, he has been part of industry-leading efforts to develop remarkable sustainability strategies and his vast knowledge and experience are valued by professionals internationally. When looking to hire an inspirational sustainability specialist, do not hesitate in booking Noel for your next event.

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