Natalie Fée

Founder of City to Sea, Committee Member for the Bristol Advisory Committee for Climate Change & Recognised as One of the 17 Trailblazing Bristol Women of All Time

  • Author of ‘How to Save the World for Free’ & ‘The Everyday Alchemists Happiness Handbook’
  • Listing among the World’s Top 10 Recycling Heroes by the Global Recycling Foundation
  • Recipient of the Sheila McKechnie Award for Environmental Justice
  • Named Bristol Woman of the Year in 2018

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Everyday Alchemists Happiness Handbook
Everyday Alchemists Happiness Handbook
How to Save the World For Free: (Guide to Green Living, Sustainability Handbook)
How to Save the World For Free: (Guide to Green Living, Sustainability Handbook)
Do Good, Get Paid: How to Make a Difference in Your Day Job
Do Good, Get Paid: How to Make a Difference in Your Day Job

When Natalie Fée is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Climate Change
Staff Engagement
International Women’s Day

Natalie Fée’s journey from media to environmental advocacy is a remarkable narrative of transformation and commitment. Beginning her career as a Marketing & Communications Manager at Sunrise Festivals in 2009, she quickly established herself as a creative force within the industry. By 2010, she had transitioned to a role as a TV presenter for Positive TV, further honing her skills in storytelling and public engagement. Her involvement in media continued to grow, leading to her position as a Producer & Presenter at Made in Bristol TV in 2014. However, it was her foundational role in establishing City to Sea in 2015 that marked a significant pivot towards environmental activism. This organisation, under her leadership, has become instrumental in combating plastic pollution through innovative community engagement and policy advocacy efforts, showcasing her ability to leverage her media expertise for environmental change.

Natalie’s accolades and recognitions speak volumes about her influence and impact in the environmental sector. Notably, in 2017, she was celebrated with the Sheila McKechnie Award for Environmental Justice, underscoring her commitment to creating a just and equitable planet. The same year, she was also recognised as one of the 17 Trailblazing Bristol Women of All Time, highlighting her significant contributions to her local community. Her broader influence was acknowledged in 2018 when she was named Bristol Woman of the Year and a New Radical, awards that celebrate innovative thinkers and leaders who drive social change. The publication of her book ‘How to Save the World for Free’ in 2019 further cemented her status as an authority on sustainable living, offering accessible and practical advice for individuals looking to make a positive environmental impact.

Beyond her role as an author and leader, Natalie has been instrumental in shaping environmental policy and awareness through her involvement in various committees and organisations. In 2019, she served as a Committee Member for the Bristol Advisory Committee for Climate Change, a testament to her expertise and dedication to fostering systemic change. Her efforts have not only been recognised locally but also on a global scale, as evidenced by her listing among the World’s Top 10 Recycling Heroes by the Global Recycling Foundation in 2021. Such accolades reflect Natalie’s comprehensive approach to environmental advocacy, encompassing grassroots activism, policy influence, and global recognition.

Natalie Fée’s story is a powerful testament to the impact one individual can have on the world. Her transition from a career in media to becoming a leading figure in environmental advocacy illustrates the potential for transformative change. Through her leadership at City to Sea, her influential publications, and her numerous awards and recognitions, Natalie has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the planet. Her work serves as an inspiration, showing that with passion, dedication, and strategic action, it is possible to make a significant difference in the world’s environmental future. Her achievements not only celebrate her contributions but also encourage others to take meaningful action towards a more sustainable and just planet.

Official Testimonials

Natalie Fée is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Natalie is an exceptional speaker and her subject matter is essential. She has spoken to our clients across Europe and beyond, and regardless of the audience she never fails to captivate and inspire. Her style is engaging and empowering, encouraging her audience to own the problem and make changes in their own lives.”

Bethany, Robeco UK

“To an audience that is well used to being “talked to”, Natalie’s talk was both highly memorable and highly impactful. In a world where there are many good causes and charities, Natalie made a lasting impression with our team.”

Alasdair, Investec Asset Management

“Natalie’s talk was brilliant – she had the staff moved to tears and also had them laughing! Her expertise and passion for change really hit a chord with the team on how to ‘be the change’, and she gave heaps of practical advice and tips too. We’d definitely recommend her as an inspiring speaker to encourage people to think differently about their impact on the world.”

Vicky, Pukka Herbs

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