Mwayi Kampesi

Sustainability Expert & Founder & CEO of Planet Green Africa

  • Included in the 2017 Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 list
  • Founder of In House-Interiors
  • Nominated for The Waislitz Global Citizen Award in 2022
  • Named a Mandela Washington fellow
  • Recipient of Obama Foundation African Leader Award

Mwayi Kampesi’s journey from leaving her corporate position to becoming a beacon of sustainability, environmental stewardship, and female empowerment in Malawi is both inspiring and transformative. As the Founder & CEO of Planet Green Africa, her relentless efforts have significantly impacted the lives of over 800,000 individuals across Africa, showcasing the power of innovative thinking and dedication towards creating a safer, cleaner, and eco-friendlier cooking environment. Her initiatives have notably improved the living conditions of numerous low-income families, proving that sustainable practices can lead to substantial quality-of-life enhancements.

Mwayi’s inclusion in the 2017 Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 list, the Mandela Washington Fellowship, and the Obama Foundation African Leader Award resemble her success in the field sustainability. These accolades underline her significant impact on her community and beyond, highlighting her as a symbol of innovation, leadership, and ethical change. Her nomination for The Waislitz Global Citizen Award in 2022 further emphasises her influential role in driving forward sustainability and empowerment initiatives, showcasing her as a leading figure in both the environmental and entrepreneurial sectors.

Mwayi founded In House-Interiors, a venture aimed at fostering sustainable and green interior solutions, laying the groundwork for her larger environmental and health-focused endeavours through Planet Green Africa. Her direct experience with the adverse effects of traditional cooking methods on women’s health and the environment propelled her to innovate and advocate for change. Mwyai’s work is a testament to the belief that environmental sustainability and the empowerment of women are intrinsically linked, especially in regions heavily reliant on traditional, non-eco-friendly practices.

As a popular keynote speaker, Mwayi has shared her insights and experiences at numerous high-profile events, including the Clean Cooking Forum 2022 and the Youth in Development Virtual Bootcamp and Fellowship program. Her speeches not only enlighten audiences on the critical importance of sustainability and female entrepreneurship but also motivate action towards the economic empowerment of women and environmental preservation.

Mwayi Kampesi’s availability to speak at events related to these crucial themes offers invaluable opportunities for organisations and communities to learn from her extensive knowledge and to be inspired by her remarkable journey. Hiring Mwayi Kampesi as a keynote speaker ensures an engaging, insightful, and transformative experience for all attendees, further spreading her impactful message across the globe.

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