Mike Coupe

Former CEO of J Sainbury Plc, Former Head of Covid-19 Infection Testing for NHS Test & Trace & Chairman of Oak Furniture Land

  • Led the takeover of Argos and Habitat for Home Retail Group
  • Chairman of Harding Brothers Retail Limited
  • Former Board Director & Managing Director of Iceland Food Stores
  • Former Non-Executive Director of Greene King plc
  • Launched Sainsbury’s sustainability policy – achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040

Mike Coupe is a leading businessman, famed for his role as the CEO of Sainsbury’s, credited for turning the company into the success that we know today. Through marketing and online operations, Mike has shaped Sainsbury’s into a loved supermarket and has also impacted several other businesses including Argos and Habitat. Now the Chairman of Oak Furniture Land and Harding Brothers Retail Limited, Mike is also booked as a sustainability speaker to share how businesses can secure growth whilst adhering to sustainable practices.

Throughout the course of his career, Mike has worked for top-tier businesses, starting his career as an Assistant Brand Manager of Flora Magazine for Unilever. In 2004, he joined Sainsbury’s, gradually working his way up the company and becoming responsible for online operations, trading and marketing. In 2014, Mike succeeded Justin King as the CEO of Sainsbury’s, working to adapt Sainsbury’s to the ever-changing retail market. During his time at Sainsbury’s, Mike played a pivotal role in improving pay for employees and also led the takeover of Argos and Habitat as part of the Home Retail Group. He was also responsible for the digitalisation of the Nectar Card, introducing an app that customers could collect loyalty points on.

During his time as CEO of Sainsbury’s, Mike was also passionate about increasing sustainability practices at the supermarket. In 2020, Mike announced their new mission for sustainability, hoping to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. Under his guidance, the supermarket has invested over £1 billion into achieving this goal, using his prominence to increase awareness of the importance of sustainability- promoting that ‘we must recognise that living well now also means living sustainably’. The supermarket chain will now be focussing on cutting carbon emissions, reducing plastic packaging and increasing recycling.

Most recently appointed the Non-Executive Director of New Look, Mike is considered an authority on business and booked as a speaker for a range of corporate events on sustainability. Shaping the future of sustainability at Sainsbury’s, Mike is a pivotal figure in the mission for a net-zero world. Reducing the carbon emissions of Sainsbury’s by 35% in the 15 years he worked there, Mike knows what it takes to reduce a carbon footprint and ensures that companies comply with sustainable practices. Putting environmental impact at the forefront of all decisions he made as a CEO, Mike has also worked with suppliers to reduce their carbon emissions. When looking for an expert in all things sustainability, carbon emissions and carbon footprints, book Mike Coupe today to speak at corporate events.

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