Jonathon Porritt

Co-founder of Forum of the Future & Former Co-Chair of the Green Party

  • Co-Founder Forum of the Future in 1996
  • Former Co-chair of the Green Party
  • Former Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission
  • Director of Friends of the Earth 1984 – 1990
  • Author of Nine Books
  • Trustee of WWF UK for 14 Years

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Hope in Hell: A Decade to Confront Climate Change
Hope in Hell: A Decade to Confront Climate Change
The World We Made
The World We Made
Liberty & Sustainability
Liberty & Sustainability

Jonathon Porritt is one of the most highly regarded environmentalists in the UK, having dedicated his career to championing the fight against climate change across politics, the public sector and corporate businesses. An award-winning author and campaigner, Jonathon has been honoured with a CBE, a testament to his influence in the field. From advising big businesses on how they can reduce their impact, to offering strategies for eco-policies, when booked as a speaker, Jonathan has a truly inspiring impact.

Much of Jonathon’s career has been spent as the Co-Founder of Forum for the Future which he established backed by 20 years of campaigning for the planet. With the sole ambition of working with businesses and governments to create a sustainable future, Jonathon has achieved 25 years of his goal through innovative development, partnerships and raising awareness. As part of his role as the leader of Forum for the Future, Jonathon has advised global brands like Kellogg’s and Unilever on sustainable business practices. Previously, he acted as the Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission for the British Government.

Making his leap into proactive environmental work, Jonathon’s early career was dedicated to politics as the Co-Chair of the Green Party, formerly the Ecology Party. During his time with the party, Jonathon’s contributions were influential and shaped much of the eco-political discussion still focused on today. He was also the Director of Friends of the Earth and a Trustee of WWF UK, proving the extent of his knowledge and passion for climate action across sectors.

An evident expect, Jonathon has translated his insights into numerous best selling books, including his most recent ‘Hope in Hell’. Continuing his impactful work, Jonathon remains an advisor to several organisations and businesses and is a regular speaker for events. From eco-policies in politics to business strategies that future proof the planet, Jonathon is one of the foremost speakers on such topics.

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“On behalf of the Board and all of the staff at Stonebond, I just wanted to pass on our gratitude and thanks to Sir Jonathon Porritt on a brilliant and engaging talk/discussion today. Fantastic speaker and succinctly summarises such complex matters -we could have continued the debate all afternoon as there was so much engagement and so many questions from the team.”

Andrew, Stonebond Group Ltd

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