Jessica Sansom

Sustainability Director for Huel, Former Environment Manager & Sustainable Supply Manager for McDonald’s

  • Former Head of Sustainability at Innocent Drinks
  • Former Greenhouse Action Plan Programme Officer for the Australian Government
  • Winner of the Community Big Tick Award & the Guardian Sustainable Business Award
  • Recipient of the ASDA Sustainable Brand Award & the Rainforest Alliance Frog Award

When Jessica Sansom is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

The Environment
Futureproofing Your Business Model
Sustainability Leadership
Sustainable Nutrition
Corporate Social Responsibility

Jessica Sansom is widely known as the former Head of Sustainability for the Innocent Drinks brand. Continually pushing for a more sustainable future, Jessica has worked at the forefront of top brands and organisations to ensure that their business practices are friendly to the environment. Now booked as a sustainability speaker, Jessica is able to speak on futureproofing your business model, sustainable leadership, sustainable nutrition and corporate social responsibility.

Passionate for action in sustainability, Jessica is known for her former role as the Head of Sustainability for Innocent Drinks. She has also worked as the Environment Manager and Sustainable Supply Manager for McDonald’s, solidifying her expertise in what makes a business sustainable. Her time with both organisations saw her develop a comprehensive understanding of sustainable supply chains and she ensured that the companies abided by ethical environmental practices. Jessica has also achieved a Master’s Degree in Environmental Law, another testament to her passions for the environment.

Starting her career researching the climate change impact on Australian agriculture, Jessica moved on to become a Greenhouse Action Plan Programme Officer for the Australian Government. She has also committed her time previously as a Senior Consultant for the Institute for Sustainable Futures and has claimed awards such as the Community Big Tick Award and the Rainforest Alliance Frog Award. She has also been the recipient of the ASDA Sustainable Brand Award and the Guardian Sustainable Business Award.

With a detailed knowledge of sustainability, Jessica is now available to hire as a speaker to share her expertise on the subject. Sharing anecdotes from her time with big brands such as McDonald’s and Innocent Drinks combined with her time in the Australian Government, Jessica is considered a leading authority when aiming to become more sustainable. When booked as a speaker, Jessica Sansom is the perfect choice to share her knowledge on sustainability, business models, corporate social responsibility and more.

Official Testimonials

Jessica Sansom is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“It was great. They all really enjoyed it and it lead to some good follow on points in our meeting which was great, so mission accomplished!”

Mark, Samsung

“A very relevant and engaging presentation. Clear visuals, held audiences attention, told an interesting story and provided discussion”

JD Marketing

“We feel very grateful that we had Jessica Sansom at our European Startup Festival 2020. We went crazy when she confirmed her participation and we were right to do so as she was absolutely fantastic! The event was held online in November 2020 and she was giving the sustainability keynote speech ‘sustainable from the start’. We and the participants were amazed how many practical steps were included in the 15 minutes she had. The honesty and transparency of the talk were refreshing and eye-opening. The audience’s reactions were as positive as ours. Thank you Jessica. We are looking forward to having you again at our future events”

Christine, Start-Up Ecosystem Creator

“She was amazing! One of the best speakers we have had. Thank you Mark and Champions for all the help organising such a  fantastic speaker with short turnaround.”

Hanan, Al-Dabbagh Group

“Jessica was great, professional and a pleasure to deal with”

Helen, BT

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