JB Straubel

CEO of Redwood Material, Former Co-Founder & CTO of Tesla

  • Co-Founder of Tesla Inc
  • Chief Technology Officer at Tesla for 15 Years
  • Founder & CEO of Redwood Materials
  • Named Innovator of the Year in 2008
  • Stanford University Graduate

When JB Straubel is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

The Tesla story
How to Support Innovation Like Tesla
The Future of Transportation
Connected Cars, Cities, and IOT
Energy Batteries and Energy Storage
Business Sustainability

Co-Founder of Tesla Inc, JB Straubel has been at the forefront of sustainable travel and waste solutions since 2004. Named Innovator of the Year by MIT’s Technology Review in 2008, JB’s impact on global renewable energy has been defining and he continues to transform the potential of sustainability through his lithium-ion battery recycling businesses. A distinguished speaker with an international reputation, JB is one of the most in-demand speakers to educate corporate clients on the innovative solutions they can adopt to make a difference and a profit.

Currently, JB is the CEO of Redwood Materials, a business he founded in 2017 following his move to n advisory position at Tesla. Driven by his passion to contribute to climate action, JB aimed to tackle the issue of non-renewable batteries, thus developing a dedicated large scale recycling business. Through innovative technology design and environmentally conscious process development, JB has created a recycling, remanufacturing and reuse solution for batteries. He is widely regarded as a leading figure in the field of e-waste.

Best known as the Co-Founder of Tesla Inc, JB joined the electric vehicle company in 2004 as their fifth employee and was the Chief Technology Officer for 15 years. Responsible for marrying technological advancements with failproof engineering, JB thrived in the role, having previously gained a degree and masters in engineering. During his time at Tesla, JB is credited with the car’s battery cell design, implementing the Gigafactory concept and pioneering the global production the company is now capable of today.

Evidently a leader in his field, JB has been ahead of the curve with sustainable solutions, and as a speaker, he supports corporate clients in adopting practices that will futureproof them too. Whether he’s discussing environmental responsibility for businesses or how innovation is the key to sustainability, JB is one of the most impactful speakers on the circuit.

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