Javier Blas

Chief Energy Correspondent for Bloomberg News, Former Editor for the Financial Times

  • Chief Energy Correspondent for Bloomberg News
  • Former Africa Editor & Commodities Editor for the Financial Times
  • Former International Economy Editor & Economics Reporter for Expansion
  • Founder of the FT Global Commodities Summit & FT Africa Summit
  • News Commentator on Al Jazeera, CNN & BBC
  • H Boerma Prize winner

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The World for Sale: Money, Power and the Traders Who Barter the Earth’s Resources

When Javier Blas is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

International Economics

Javier Blas is a leading print and online journalist, who has enjoyed a career with many of the top media outlets. From Al Jazeera to the BBC and the Financial Times, Javier has commented on everything from Africa to energy and business models. Along the course of his career, Javier has picked up a prominent interest in the environment, now booked as a sustainability speaker to share the current emerging trends of the energy industry.

Currently, Javier is working as the Chief Energy Correspondent for Bloomberg News. In this role, he reports on various big trends that are to come in the energy industry and the top energy headlines of the modern-day. He also commentates on topics such as Big Oil, carbon emissions and price changes in oil and gas. Formerly, he worked as the Africa Correspondent for the Financial Times, a role in which he was responsible for reporting on the top African stories and founded the FT Africa Summit. The FT Africa Summit was founded to bring together a variety of investors and C-Suite executives to find opportunities in Africa.

Javier has also acted as the Commodities Editor of the Financial Times, managing the energy and commodities coverage from the media outlet. Also during his time in this role, Javier founded the FT Global Commodities Summit and reported on commodities and oil. Javier also has experience of reporting on economics, formerly working as the International Economy Editor and Economics Reporter for Expansion. Now with an impressive 15 years+ of experience in international economics, commodities and oil, Javier has seen first hand the importance of moving towards a more sustainable future.

With many years of experience as a journalist and reporter behind him, Javier is now booked as a sustainability speaker for corporate events. Having reported on many global issues surrounding oil and gas, Javier has become particularly interested in the environment, witnessing first-hand the need for an increased awareness of environmental sustainability. From years of reporting on the most pressing stories in the energy industry, Javier Blas is now a perfect addition as a sustainability speaker.

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