Harsh Choudhry

Co-Founder & CEO of sentra.world, Former Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company & Participated in the Asian Steel Summit and Expo 2024

  • Former Strategy & Program Management Head at Nurture.farm
  • Former Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company

When Harsh Choudhry is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Climate Change

Harsh Choudhry stands out as a preeminent voice in the realm of sustainability, particularly through his innovative work as co-founder & CEO of sentra.world. This platform, at the forefront of industrial decarbonisation, leverages AI to enable companies to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Harsh’s vast experience, spanning over 16 years in greenhouse gas accounting, climate policy, and industrial energy efficiency, across more than 30 countries, positions him as a formidable expert in the field. His prior role as a junior Partner at McKinsey & Company in Singapore further solidifies his expertise and commitment to driving sustainable industrial practices globally.

As a keynote speaker on sustainability, Harsh brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. His engineering background from the Manipal Institute of Technology, coupled with his extensive professional experience, allows him to articulate complex concepts in a manner that is both accessible and engaging. He adeptly bridges the gap between theoretical sustainability models and their practical application in the industrial sector. Harsh’s presentations are not just informative; they are a call to action, inspiring businesses to adopt more sustainable practices that align with global efforts to combat climate change.

Harsh’s approach to sustainability is holistic, recognising the interconnectedness of various factors such as policy, technology, and corporate strategy in achieving decarbonisation goals. His keynote speeches often highlight the importance of innovative solutions like AI-enabled software in measuring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By showcasing real-world examples and success stories, Harsh demonstrates the tangible benefits of adopting such technologies, not only for the environment but also for business efficiency and profitability.

In summary, Harsh Choudhry’s contributions to the field of sustainability, especially through his role as a keynote speaker, are invaluable. His expertise, driven by a deep passion for environmental stewardship and a commitment to leveraging technology for good, makes him a leading figure in the global movement towards a more sustainable future. Through his insightful presentations, Harsh continues to influence industry leaders and policy-makers, guiding them towards more responsible and sustainable business practices.

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