Charlot Magayi

Founder of Mukuru Clean Stoves & Winner of The Earthshot Prize 2022

  • Winner of Clean Our Air of The Earthshot Prize 2022
  • Member of the Board of Directors for Rockflower
  • Fellow of Echoing Green
  • Empowerment Award Winner of the Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum
  • Named on Forbes 30 Under 30

Charlot Magayi is a revered social entrepreneur, famed as the Founder of Mukuru Clean Stoves. In 2022, she was crowned the winner of Clean Our Air for The Earthshot Prize 2022, commending her passion for climate change action. Also currently a Member of the Board of Directors for Rockflower and a Fellow of Echoing Green, Charlot is now available to hire as a sustainability speaker to share her expertise and passion for the environment.

Growing up in Mukuru, one of Nairobi’s biggest slums, Charlot saw first-hand the levels of harmful chemicals and gasses emitted into the atmosphere by people using charcoal to cook. After her daughter fell victim to severe burns from charcoal, Charlot was inspired to invent her ‘Clean Stoves’, innovative cooking devices that use biomass created from charcoal, sugarcane and wood to cook. Creating her company in 2017, Charlot has experienced great success, claiming The Earthshot Prize in 2022. With the help of The Earthshot Prize, Charlot is looking to increase her success, and aims to create an even cleaner stove that uses ethanol and increase her reach to 10m in ten years’ time.

Having created a stove that creates 90% less pollution than an open fire and 70% less than a traditional stove, Charlot is a truly passionate advocate for climate change awareness and reducing carbon footprints.  When she is not advocating for the environment with Mukuru Clean Stoves, Charlot can be found acting as a Fellow of the Westerwelle Foundation and winning awards such as the Waislitz Global Citizen Award and the Empowerment Award from the Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum.

Honoured with the most prestigious environmental award in history, it comes as no surprise that Charlot is now highly sought after as a speaker for sustainability and environment-themed events. Commended for her visions surrounding tackling climate change, Charlot has also been named on Forbes 30 Under 30. If you are looking for a passionate social entrepreneur who is driven to change the fate of our planet, look no further than Charlot Magayi.

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