Charles Perry

Founder of Sustainable Future for All & Co-Founder of SecondNature

  • COP26 Climate Champion for UN Climate Change
  • Ambassador for the Meaningful Business 100
  • Former Director of Business Development & Sustainability for GRIDSERVE Sustainable Energy Limited
  • Founding former Director of BP Green Energy
  • Former Managing Director of Good Energy Ltd
  • Former Leader of The Climate Reality Project

When Charles Perry is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Embedding Sustainability to Deliver Financial, Social and Environmental Value
Building Purpose-Driven Business

Charles Perry stands as a beacon of sustainable development and climate advocacy in the business world, exhibiting over 25 years of robust commercial experience. Charles’ journey in sustainability leadership is marked as the Co-Founder of SecondNature, a trailblazing sustainability consulting firm acquired by Anthesis Group. His commitment to a sustainable future is further underscored as the Founder of Sustainable Future For All, illustrating his dedication to fostering the sustainability revolution and inspiring others to internalise sustainability as second nature. He is a highly esteemed sustainability keynote speaker who emphasises the pivotal role sustainability plays in generating substantial financial, social, and environmental value.

His illustrious career includes partnerships with notable organizations such as RISE. Corporate Purpose Advisory and pivotal roles such as being a COP26 Climate Champion and an Advisory Board Member for 10:10 Climate Action. These roles delineate his unwavering commitment to catalysing impactful change towards environmental conservation, along with his profound impact as a Senior Sustainability Consultant for URS Corporation, where he serviced major clients like Shell, Strategic Marketing Manager for BP and Founder of BP Green Energy – marking a significant stride in the conglomerate’s venture into renewable energy. His subsequent roles as Director of GreenOrder and Managing Director of Good Energy, the UK’s sole 100% renewable electricity company, further solidified his resolve to drive environmental sustainability.

Since then, Charles has been the Director of Business Development and Sustainability for GRIDSERVE Sustainable Energy and Vice President of the Al Gore Climate Reality, positioning him at the forefront of sustainable development advocacy. Charles also brings forth his extensive experience and insights from various leadership roles, such as being an Ambassador of Meaningful Business 100, an initiative celebrating leaders contributing towards the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, a contributor to Lord Deben’s Blueprint for a Green Economy and his advisory role for David Cameron as Quality of Life Group Adviser, showcasing his widespread recognition and his relentless pursuit of a greener economy.

In a world grappling with environmental crises, Charles Perry emerges as a voice of reason and a catalyst for change, emphasising the multifaceted value of sustainability as a keynote speaker. Charles’ speeches resonate with a wealth of knowledge and an unrivalled passion for ecological preservation, coupled with his experiences of working with global leaders like Al Gore and David Cameron. The global community seeking to embrace sustainability in its essence would immensely benefit from Charles’ deep insights, as he continues to champion the sustainability revolution, demonstrating how making sustainability second nature is paramount for our shared future. As a fervent promoter of eco-conscious practices, Charles Perry has played an instrumental role in embedding sustainability at the core of eminent organisations – and will do the same for your organisation when hired as a sustainability keynote speaker.

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