Catherine Jadot

Leading Climate Change Expert & CEO of Elemental Solutions Caribbean

  • Founder of Spirulina Academy
  • CEO of GOA Ventures
  • Senior Technical Expert of the Green Overseas Programme at Expertise France
  • Regarded as a LinkedIn Top Voice
  • Advisory Board Member of Blue Ocean Future

When Catherine Jadot is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Sustainable Blue Economy

Catherine Jadot is a leading biodiversity & climate change expert. CEO of Elemental Solutions Caribbean, she consults government agencies, non-profit organisations and corporations on strategic sustainability methods and offers scientific environmental support. As a keynote speaker, Catherine discusses the sustainable blue economy in detail, in addition to matters related to sustainability and climate change.

Catherine’s educational qualifications include a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of Liege and a course in Sustainability Leadership from Harvard University. Catherine’s career started as a Teaching Associate at the University of Liege and Science Officer at Universidade dos Acores. She has been a Marine Biologist Consultant a Xcell Space Industry and Faculty of Marine Resource Management at The School for Field Studies.

As Founder of Spirulina Academy, Catherine has built the largest online community that discusses the properties and benefits of the algae. A LinkedIn Top Voice, Catherine is a nature-based solutions practitioner, whose mission is to meet the needs of the present without endangering the biodiversity of the future. Catherine currently serves as the Senior Technical Expert of the Green Overseas Programme at Expertise France and CEO of GOA Ventures.

Specialising in areas such as the blue economy, blue finance, mangrove restoration, coral reef restoration, and artificial reefs, Catherine serves as an Advisory Board Member of Blue Ocean Future, WYLD Planet and Seaweed First. She is also a Mentor of the International Support Network for African Development, where she facilitates sustainable development by making Africa climate resilient. A seasoned keynote speaker, Catherine Jadot is one of the best choices to book for sustainability and climate change-related events. Hire her today!

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