Andrew Millison

Founder of Permaculture Rising, Instructor in the Horticulture Department at Oregon State University & Winner of the 2017 Division of Extended Campus Award for Best Course Innovation at OSU

  • Board Member for the Permaculture Institute of North America
  • Created of the Earth Repair Radio podcast
  • Author of ‘Re-villagize’: Patterns to Build the Neighborhood
  • Contributor to Permaculture News

Andrew Millison is an esteemed figure in the world of sustainability, renowned for his deep expertise and engaging presence as a speaker. His journey into Permaculture began in 1996 with his first design course, marking the start of a lifelong commitment to this field. His academic contributions began in 2001 when he started teaching Permaculture at the college level, and since 2009, he has been a notable instructor in the Horticulture Department at Oregon State University (OSU). Andrew’s educational background is equally impressive, with both undergraduate and Master’s degrees from Prescott College, specialising in Horticultural Preservation and Ecological Design and Sustainability. His academic journey, deeply rooted in Permaculture principles, has significantly shaped his approach to sustainability and resilience in environmental design.

Andrew’s expertise is particularly notable in the realm of dryland environments, a focus that developed during his time in Arizona. Here, his work centred around crucial sustainability practices like rainwater harvesting, greywater systems, and desert agriculture. Beyond academia, Andrew’s practical experience is extensive. He founded a Permaculture landscape design and build company and worked with an ecologically-based Landscape Architecture firm, showcasing his ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. His shift in focus towards climate change resilience, broad-scale water management, and Permaculture housing developments in recent years highlights his adaptability and foresight in addressing contemporary environmental challenges. Additionally, his expertise in Oregon water law for water rights acquisition underscores his comprehensive understanding of environmental policy and its practical applications.

Andrew’s contributions extend beyond the classroom and fieldwork. He holds prestigious positions such as being on the Board of Directors and a diploma holder from the Permaculture Institute of North America, and is the founder of Permaculture Rising. His recognition includes the 2017 Division of Extended Campus Award for Best Course Innovation at OSU, attesting to his innovative approach to education. Andrew’s commitment to spreading knowledge is further evidenced through his podcast, Earth Repair Radio, where he shares insights and discusses critical sustainability topics with a broader audience.

His prolific work in media and publications solidifies his reputation as a leading voice in sustainability. Andrew’s numerous digital media contributions, including educational videos on Permaculture practices and principles, demonstrate his dedication to accessible education. His articles in magazines and trade publications, such as ‘Re-villagize’: Patterns to Build the Neighborhood, offer practical insights into sustainable community building. Additionally, his engagement with digital platforms like the Permaculture Rising website and Facebook Page, and his contribution to Permaculture News, showcase his commitment to leveraging technology for environmental education. Andrew Millison stands out not just as a talented sustainability speaker, but as a visionary educator and practitioner who has dedicated his life to advancing Permaculture and sustainable practices.

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