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The Top 10 Trending Earth Day Speakers To Hire for 2024

Starting in 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day, with the help of Congressman Pete McCloskey and Denis Hayes. After witnessing widespread disregard for the environment, inefficient consumption of copious amounts of leaded petrol and the viewing of air pollution as a sign of economic prosperity, the founder wanted to dispel those attitudes and shift environmentally damaging behaviours in America.

Catalysed by Rachel Carson’s New York Times bestseller, Silent Spring, which was published in 1962 to raise awareness for the environment, living organisms and the link between pollution and public health, the watershed moment created by the dissemination of such knowledge built the foundation for Earth Day. Seeking to tackle the prevalence of oil spills, raw sewage, toxic dumps, pesticides, loss of wilderness and the extinction of wildlife, the movement lead to the establishment of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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What is Earth Day?

An environmental movement that brings people across the globe together to raise awareness about the planet. Over the last 50 years, the movement has evolved to encompass a variety of environmental issues. Now it seeks to tackle global warming and push for clean energy, utilising technological advancements to leverage activists worldwide.

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When is Earth Day Celebrated?

Earth Day is celebrated on the 22 of April annually.

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What is the Theme of Earth Day 2024?

The theme of Earth Day 2024 is “Planet Vs Plastic”. This theme is catalysing advocacy for the reduction of plastic production by 2040.

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How can I celebrate Earth Day?

People can celebrate Earth Day by investing time to attend local events, marches, and big clean-ups. Organisations, however, could hire an expert environmental speaker to educate their employees about topical environmental issues affecting our planet.

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Top 10 Earth Day Speakers To Hire

Tim Smit

Tim Smit is the co-founder of the Eden Project, a china clay pit in Cornwall, transformed into an emulation of a natural biome, home to thousands of plant species. Displaying the ability to use technological ingenuity to regenerate livelihoods and landscapes, Tim is a leading environmental entrepreneur. Having created two ecosystems in interlocking giant domes, he has succeeded in building one of the world’s largest indoor rainforests, drawing attention to the significance of renewable energy.

Seeking to build a stronger connection between humans and the environment, Tim is also responsible for restoring the Lost Gardens of Heligan and is recognised for his pioneering work on The Shipwreck and Heritage Centre and the Eden Project. The perfect speaker to book for environmental entrepreneurship, sustainability, and futureproofed environmental strategies, hire Tim Smit now!

Ayo Sokale

Ayo Sokale is the Project Manager and BIM Lead for the Environment Agency, renowned for her expertise in sustainability, flood and coastal risk management and environmental justice. Named on the Top 50 Women in Engineering Under 35 list by The Telegraph, Ayo is one of the most successful Chartered Civil Engineers in the country, on a mission to promote STEM careers for underrepresented groups.

Over the course of her illustrious career, Ayo has built environmental expertise through roles such as ICE President’s Future Leader and co-founder of Plastic Free Caversham. Incredibly passionate about making a positive impact on the planet, Ayo Sokale is the ideal speaker to hire for the topic of sustainability.

Official Testimonial for Ayo Sokale

“Ayo’s presentation was definitely another success. Our audience totally loved her. Very inspiring and memorable. Thank you so much for such notable speakers.” – Tolu, Facilities Manager Lead, NHS

Chris Hines

Chris Hines is a decorated environmental specialist with over 30 years of activism to his name. Formerly the Sustainability Director for the Eden Project, Chris is skilled at implementing industry-scale eco goals. Having played a substantial role in the development of the Eden Project’s sustainable surfboard, Chris’s pioneering work saw him become the Special Advisor to the Secretary of State for the Environment.

As the co-founder and Director of Surfers Against Sewage, a charity dedicated to supporting marine conservation, Chris dealt with several issues, including plastic waste, water pollution and climate change. Sharing environmental solutions at prestigious institutions, such as the European Parliament, House of Commons and Lords Select Committees, Chris Hines is a highly prized Earth Day speaker.

Official Testimonial for Chris Hines

“We had such a great session with Chris on Thursday. He spoke so passionately and eloquently. It was fun, engaging and inspiring. Please pass on our sincere thanks to him! Thanks for your help in selecting him & setting up the session, it was a great success. Highly recommended for anyone who wants some inspiration and motivation to change the world!” – Olivia, Stuart Distribution

Jessica Sansom

Jessica Sansom is renowned for her cutting-edge sustainability work with notable brands and organisations. The former Head of Sustainability for Innocent Drinks, she is an expert on environmentally friendly best business practices. Deriving further expertise during her time as the Environment Manager and Sustainable Supply Manager for McDonald’s, Jessica is an authority on sustainable business.

For her pioneering work tackling climate change, Jessica has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, such as the Guardian Sustainable Business Award, Rainforest Alliance Frog Award, and the ASDA Sustainable Brand Award. A highly sought-after sustainability speaker, Jessica is an expert on sustainable leadership, CSR, and sustainable nutrition.

Official Testimonial for Jessica Sansom

“She was amazing! One of the best speakers we have had. Thank you Mark and Champions for all the help organising such a fantastic speaker with short turnaround.” – Hanan, Al-Dabbagh Group

Andy Pag

Andy Pag is a leading international adventurer who has witnessed a farrago of environmental issues on his expeditions. Often travelling through innovative transport methods powered by reusable energy, Andy documents his fascinating journeys as an Investigative Journalist for the BBC.

During his 12 years as an expedition leader, Andy travelled across rural Africa and the Sahara Desert in a scrap school bus powered by used cooking oil. He also travelled in a chocolate-powered lorry to Timbuktu and completed a paragliding and hiking race in the Alps. The avid adventurer is now a highly demanded speaker on sustainability and environmental impacts.

Official Testimonial for Andy Pag

“Andy was extremely engaging, authoritative, enthusiastic and yet measured. He backed up his words with great photos and plenty of good stories. In short, very entertaining and people will remember him and his story.” – Deloitte

Jo Fairley

Jo Fairley is a leading businesswoman best known as the co-founder of Judges Bakery and the co-founder of Green & Blacks, one of the first fair-trade and organic chocolate brands in the UK. Having championed sustainability across her brands, Jo is a foremost expert on sustainability in business.

In recognition of her pioneering entrepreneurial work, she has been the recipient of multiple awards, including the WorldAware Award and the Soil Association Award. Jo has also been a judge of the Woman of the Year Awards and the RSPCA Good Business Awards, a testament to her distinguished expertise in sustainable business. An eloquent speaker who shares anecdotes of her environmentally friendly business practices, Jo Fairley is now available to hire for Earth Day.

Official Testimonial for Jo Fairley

“Everything went really well all the ITAs have been telling me how good they thought Jo Fairley was. The room of 70+ (Including me) were all captivated by her story. She is knowledgeable, funny and approachable happy to answer anyone’s question and the Green & Blacks chocolate she bought were an added bonus.” – Joanna, Newable Trading LTD

Chadden Hunter

Chadden Hunter is an accomplished producer and director known for Frozen Planet, Planet Earth, Seven Worlds and One Planet. As a TV Producer with the BBC Natural History Unit, he has worked on notable documentaries, including The Life of Mammals, Wild Arabia, and Planet Earth II, to name a few. He has also filmed for National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and PBS.

Credited with creating some of the most-watched documentaries on wildlife, biology, and planet Earth, Chadden has also collaborated with distinguished experts, such as David Attenborough. Highlighting the impact of climate change on species around the world, Chadden is a prominent climate activist seeking to protect endangered species from extinction. In his speaking engagements, he candidly speaks about the implications of environmental degradation and the importance of conservation.

Official Testimonial for Chadden Hunter

“Delegates went away buzzing” – Delta Academies Trust

Elena Morettini

Elena Morettini is the Director of The Sustainable Business Studio at Globant and the co-founder of Because Energy Matters. A leading authority on climate change, Elena previously served as the President of the Energy Transitions Commission. She has also led a task force on energy, resource efficiency and sustainability and is sought after for her profound knowledge of the green economy.

Sharing her vast knowledge with corporate audiences, Elena helps prominent organisations not only become climate-neutral but also climate positive. Recognising the severity of poor climate policies on planet Earth, Elena is outspoken about the inadequate efforts being expended on tackling one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. Hire Elena Morettini for a highly informative session on renewable energy and corporate sustainability.

Craig Sams

Craig Sams is widely recognised as the co-founder of Green & Blacks and co-founder of Whole Earth Foods. He is also the Director of Duchy Originals and the former Chair of Slow Foods Trust UK. Driven by an interest in sustainability, climate change and equality, Fair Trade has always taken a central position in Craig’s business ventures, and he is now considered a foremost expert on sustainable business practices.

As someone who incorporates natural elements across his brands, such as organic baking, soil improvement and alternative therapy, Craig is passionate about making environmentally friendly and ethical services more accessible to the masses. As such, he is a major proponent of environmentally friendly business practices and is one of the leading speakers on sustainability. Hire Craig Sams for Earth Day now!

Michael Pawlyn

Michael Pawlyn is a celebrated Architect who was a member of the principal team of architects that designed the Eden Project. A foremost expert in Biomimetic Architecture, Michael uses his expert knowledge to find nature-based solutions for human problems. Some of his notable works include the North Wales Tidal Energy Project, The EcoRainforest and Las Palmas Water.

Sharing his knowledge in his ground-breaking book, Biomimicry in Architecture, Michael has also been recognised for his innovative regenerative designs. Such distinguished expertise has seen him deliver a TED Talk titled Using Nature’s Genius in Architecture and Learning From Nature. Now highly sought after for his eminent Biomimicry knowledge, Michael shares pioneering sustainability solutions that complement a circular economy in his speaking engagements.

Official Testimonial for Michael Pawlyn

“Excellent presentation style, engaging content, and very now- leaves the audience feeling optimistic about the future!” – Johnson Controls

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