Energy Transition

The World’s Best Experts on Energy Transition in the 21st Century

A pathway toward transforming the world is to invest in sustainable energy. One of the world’s most reliable and sustainable methods is energy transition. In the 21st century, it is increasingly important to improve energy efficiency given current climate changes and risks to the environment and our societies. By gaining knowledge on energy transition, businesses can improve their output and outcomes, and our speakers are the best experts on energy transition. Changing our world today, here are the best speakers available to hire for your event.

What is Energy Transition?

Energy transition is the continuous process of replacing energy production and consumption systems that are based on fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal, with low carbon energy sources.

What are the Advantages of Energy Transition?

Many benefits arise from energy transition, such as:

  • Reduce energy bills
  • Reduce industrial costs
  • Improve competitiveness
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Reduce dependency on imported energy

The Top Experts on Energy Transition

If you are looking to gain expert knowledge on energy transition, take a look at our selection of The World’s Best Experts on Energy Transition in the 21st Century below.

Jonathon Porritt

Jonathon Porritt has become a highly respected sustainability campaigner, after spending 50 years increasing awareness about the environment and the issues that are being created. He has fought for sustainability throughout his entire career and as the Founder of Forum for the Future, he aims to target sustainability by transitioning from using fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Awarded a CBE for his commitment to the field in 2000, Jonathon has now delivered the TEDx talk ‘Sustainability for All’ to educate and encourage people to join the green commitment.

When booked as a speaker, Jonathon Porritt aims to teach his audiences about the impacts humans are having on the environment.  Throughout his speeches, he aims to teach people how subtle changes can make a great difference to the environment if more people commit to it.


“On behalf of the Board and all of the staff at Stonebond, I just wanted to pass on our gratitude and thanks to Sir Jonathon Porritt for a brilliant and engaging talk/discussion today. Fantastic speaker and succinctly summarises such complex matters -we could have continued the debate all afternoon as there was so much engagement and so many questions from the team.” – Andrew, Stonebond Group Ltd

Jb Straubel

Jb Straubel is a renowned businessman and entrepreneur, best known for his achievements in the sustainable technology sector. As the Co-founder of the fastest growing company in America, Tesla, Jb has overseen the creation of many visionary products that use renewable energy sources rather than being reliant on petrol and diesel. He has built an incredible global reputation for himself and the brand Tesla, which is why his innovative ideas are now popular around the world.

When looking for a speaker who offers insight into creating a global company and motivates corporations to create a sustainable workplace, Jb may be the ideal addition to an event.  He aims to inspire future entrepreneurs and ensure that they understand the sustainability industry is a key sector that needs to be developed.


“Thought-provoking and future-looking, we were very pleased”RICS

Angus McCrone

Angus McCrone is a foremost expert in sustainable energy and has been a financial and economic journalist for over 20 years. Since 2007, he has been the Chief Editor of Bloomberg New Energy Finance and has reported on many international energy affairs throughout his career. Angus has written for newspapers such as The Scotsman, the Sunday Telegraph and the Evening Stand which is why he has become a greatly influential sustainability writer.

When booked as a speaker, Angus talks about the experiences he has gained in many different sustainability fields. He has gained vast amounts of knowledge through writing as a journalist and is now able to share this with audiences at many different events.

Göran Carstedt

Göran Carstedt is an undeniable leader within the sustainability industry, having supported some of the world’s largest companies to become environmental and advising governments on how they will be able to achieve their environmental goals. He was chosen to be part of the Clinton Climate Change Initiative in 2007 as a Senior Director and has worked with the 40 largest cities in the world to help educate on climate change through the use of technological advancements, including the transition to using cleaner energy.

Göran Carstedt has delivered the TEDx Talk ‘Leadership for a Sustainable Future and has previously spoken at many industry conferences. Göran is an experienced speaker who spreads awareness about several sustainability topics including brand building as a leadership challenge, innovation and creating a sustainable future.


“The Greencajt Festival was a success! We are very happy that Bonita and Goran were our speakers at the festival. They were really inspiring with their performances and visitors were really under the impression of their lectures. I welcomed and met them in person, really an honour to meet them – I believe they enjoyed it! Goran was also accompanied by a guide and spent the afternoon with the guide for a city tour, so he was very happy about that and impressed with our venue. Lovely weekend and festival indeed!” – Ivana, Project Manager, Greenhr

Nigel Topping

Nigel Topping is admired by many for his dedication to his career in the climate change and sustainability industry. He is greatly known as a High-Level Champion for Climate Action for COP26 and his ambition to halve emissions by 2030. Nigel was the former CEO of WE MEAN BUSINESS and has been a director at multiple different organisations. He developed his passion for sustainability within the workplace and how it is now affecting climate change.

When booked as a speaker, Nigel Topping can confidently discuss climate change and share his expert knowledge around workplace sustainability with the audience. He is the ideal addition to many corporate and after-dinner speaking events.

Jan-Olaf Willums

Jan-Olaf Willums is an entrepreneurial businessman who is greatly passionate about sustainability. He is best known for being the Founding Chairman of Zero Emission Transport, Zero Emission Marine and Move About. He has developed his knowledge throughout these roles and is now educating many throughout the industry, having now invested in over 10 start-up companies aiming to move towards the transport industry being sustainable and using cleaner energy.

When booked as a sustainability speaker, Jan-Olaf shares his top tips for living sustainably and may focus on topics such as electrical vehicles, renewable energy, sustainable energy, sustainable developments, and new mobility solutions.

Peggy Liu

Peggy Liu is currently the Chairperson of the Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy (JUICCE) and is aiming to make China a more environmentally friendly country. She has become passionate about making a societal change and has delivered several TEDx Talks to educate the community about small lifestyle changes that make a large difference in terms of increasing sustainability.

When booked as a speaker, Peggy Liu shares the importance of clean, renewable energy and how a societal change is necessary to ensure a movement towards a more sustainable world. She is a perfect addition to any events where she can share her passion with others.


“We had the pleasure of working with Peggy Liu at the B4E Global Summit 2011 in Jakarta. Peggy is a dynamic speaker and can address a wide range of topics relating to the environment and climate change. She has extensive knowledge of developments in China, both on the ground and at the policy level, and links this to the broader global agenda in a lively and engaging way”Kisha, Manager

Crispin Matson

Crispin Matson is a pioneer within the renewable energy industry. He is the current UK Director of Ramboll Energy and Westmill Windfarm and has worked on developing efficient renewable energy systems for over 30 years. He is passionate about encouraging others to use cleaner energy sources as much as possible because it is key to make use of the zero-emission methods now that these are available.

When booked for events, Crispin is keen to share his passion for renewable energy with the audience and speaks about the importance of using energy that is kind to the environment. His expert knowledge of sustainability is why he is the perfect choice for any event.

Roger Ballentine

Roger Ballentine is a talented sustainability and energy strategist who was the Former Chairman of the White House Climate Change Task Force and Deputy Assistant to the President. He has dedicated his career to educating people about the need to conserve the earth’s resources and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Roger delivered the TEDx Talk ‘Fighting Climate Change with Capitalism’ where he was able to illustrate how crucial it is to start changing the way we disregard the environment.

When hired as an events speaker, Roger Ballentine will speak about how he was able to create the official policies for climate change. He has gained vast expert knowledge throughout his career and is prepared to share this with audiences at many events.

David Howell

David Howell has devoted his career to the British Government, serving as a Member of Parliament that specialises in sustainability solutions. Elected in 1966, David served as a Member of Parliament for 31 years and gained a valued reputation for being one of the most prominent voices on sustainability. He has published several books that advise corporate clients on sustainable strategies for the workplace and has also spoken at the WEEF Conference.

As a respected politician, David Howell is currently one of the most popular renewable energy speakers. When booked, he speaks on topics such as Energy Geopolitics, Environmental Policy, Development in Energy and many more.

Adriaan Kamp

Adriaan Kamp is an admirable figure within the energy industry, having worked for 25 years in the oil and gas sector. As the Founding Director of Energy for One World, he is determined to deliver sustainability to the UN Sustainability Development Agenda. Adriann works with other authoritative professionals to ensure that there are increasing global changes in terms of moving towards cleaner energy.

When booked as an energy speaker, Adriaan Kamp addresses experiences that have allowed him to understand the severity of environmental issues and ensure that change is being made in terms of moving towards a more sustainable future.

Henry Tricks

Henry Tricks is a notorious Editor and Journalist who voices his expert knowledge on energy, sustainability, and the importance of technology on environmental progress. He is greatly known for his career at The Economist, where he has spent over 10 years providing valuable information to his readers. Henry publishes quarterly reports in the newspaper where he details the future of different energy resources around the world.

As a transformative speaker, Henry Tricks offers implementable strategies to develop a sustainable lifestyle with the resources and energy we use. He will focus on topics such as sustainability and environment, global economics, alternative energy, global investments, and geopolitics in his talks.

Tor Fjæren

Tor Fjæren
Tor Fjæren is a leading authority within the energy industry. As the current CEO and President of the World Petroleum Council, Tor has witnessed first-hand the damage that the energy industry is having on the environment, and he is now looking to find ways of limiting these issues. His career has been dedicated to educating people on the importance of reducing the amount of fossil fuel we use, and he is now taking part in speaking events where he can voice his expertise to an audience.

When booked for events, Tor Fjæren highlights the importance of a more sustainable future and speaks upon his experiences working for large energy corporations. If you are looking for a speaker who focuses on topics such as sustainability, energy and the future of the industry, Tor is an ideal addition to any event.

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